Last Thursday, William Merchan, CMO of Pathmatics, and Marc Vermut, VP of Services at Neustar joined forces for a webinar to cover (almost) everything you need to know about marketing mix modeling . 

This webinar includes a major focus on how digital intelligence is an imperative piece of any sophisticated marketing mix today--and for good reason. Users are engaging with digital more than any other media channel -- in fact, digital passed TV at a global scale in 2016. 

Missed the webinar? 

Marketing intelligence, like marketing mix modeling, powers marketers to make smarter decisions--helping them know what worked, and how to make it better. In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why challenges in data access and availability are driving adoption of marketing mix modeling
  • How a unified measurement approach can influence how you measure your marketing and the decisions you make 
  • How share of voice impacts marketing mix results
  • Why brands using marketing mix modeling to see improved results

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