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4 Common Mistakes Professionals Make When Choosing an Ad Intelligence Solution

May 02 2018
digital advertising intelligence solution
digital advertising intelligence solution

digital advertising intelligence solutionBuying an ad intelligence solution is a smart decision for brands looking to take their digital advertising strategy to the next level. Ad intelligence solutions improve transparency, inform advertising strategy, and provide actionable insights into spend and performance.

That said, failing to choose the right platform can result in a big investment wasted.

Whether you’re searching for a program to benchmark your campaigns, or spy on your competitors, avoid these mistakes when choosing an ad solution. 

1. Assuming Integration Is Possible

A major mistake brands make when buying an advertising intelligence solution is assuming the platform will automatically integrate with their existing technology. Consider your current communication, analytics, and database programs. How will the ad intelligence solutions interact with each system? Are you able to work with data between the old and new systems?

Don’t assume a solution will just magically adapt and fit in with other business tools. Ensure the platform smoothly integrates with existing technology and data so you can get the most out of your solution. 

2. Choosing a Limited Ad Solution

Are you choosing a comprehensive solution that addresses all of your digital advertising needs? 

Think about why you’re buying an ad solution. Are you looking to analyze the performance of ads across all platforms? Or do you want to spy on your competitors?

Brands need to consider all factors before buying a solution. For example, if you need a platform that reports on all formats and devices, and the one you choose only covers social, you’re limiting yourself.

Consider ad intelligence solutions that track thousands of brands, all formats and devices, direct and indirect data, top sites, total spend and impressions. Take the time to confirm the solution includes all of the necessary features you need to give your brand that competitive edge.

3. Misjudging Costs and Time For Training

Ad intelligence solutions are designed to improve efficiency, but when they are expensive and too complex, they can put your business at a disadvantage.

The longer it takes you to learn how to use your new platform, the longer it takes to see the benefits. You want a platform that is easy to navigate so your team can use it right away. Look for solutions that are clear, concise, and easy to use. Consider your needs and choose an ad solution that works for your entire team. 

4. Failing to Test the Ad Solution

A big mistake when buying an ad solution is not adequately testing the software beforehand. Vendors can mock up a great website or narrative, but looks can be deceiving.

If you don’t demo the solution before buying it, you might find that it’s not as comprehensive as you thought. You may find that it doesn't provide enough brand tracking, or it lacks real-time data. Consider asking your ad solution provider these questions to ensure you’re choosing a quality solution:

  • What are the sources of your data?
  • How far back does your data reach?
  • How do you segment your data? Can you set filters to track specific users or categories?
  • How do you maintain and define your audience segments?
  • What metrics does your data use?

Quality ad intelligence solutions are guaranteed to help you outsmart the competition.

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