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Digital Marketing Technology & Trends: What CMOs Should Focus On

November 25 2020 by Alyse Falk

Have you ever noticed that regardless of what you are doing at the moment - watching your favorite TV channel, reading a fashion magazine, watching a feed on social networks or just walking the streets of your city - marketing is everywhere? It easily penetrates our consciousness, manipulates our desires and influences our decisions. But as marketing continues to evolve, CMOs must properly use new methods and technologies, manage available resources wisely, and ultimately be able to adapt to any changes. Below, we've highlighted 4 key digital marketing technologies that CMOs should focus on to be successful next year.

What do marketers need to work on?

1. Ability to adapt

2020 has shown us that in just one year, things can change drastically. Accordingly, the workflow is no longer the same as before. This indicates that you need to learn how to adapt to any situation. Of course, setting goals, planning to achieve them is important, but leaving room for flexibility will help differentiate your brand from others. When faced with advertsity, find new methods and technologies that will facilitate interaction with your target audience, and directly with your client. To do this, you need to be ready for difficulties and crisis, learn to perceive changes, and not avoid them, but not hesitate when the opportunity presents itself to get ahead.

Transition to digital

The COVID-19 pandemic has limited us in many pleasures. Banning travel, learning and working online, and shutting down public have all led to a digital transformation. Every day, more and more companies are digitizing almost every aspect of their business and spending large budgets on online advertising. Moreover, the workflow within the company has also undergone changes: virtual and video conferences, webinars, trainings, communication with clients through applications and video communication. The emergence of new products and services will provide an opportunity for marketers to apply new strategies to promote their business.

Taking into account the needs of the client

2020 has opened up new opportunities for engaging with customers as part of the digital transformation. CMOs must find new technologies that will help grab the attention of potential buyers and make it easier for the customer to interact with the company. You need to learn to listen to people, adapt to their lifestyle and determine which type of communication is more effective. For this, it is important to constantly research preferences and keep up with the times.


What marketing technologies are promising?

Chat bots

Customer service remains one of the top priorities for companies looking to deliver impressive results. Continuous customer feedback and prompt responses play a huge role. Unfortunately, the support department is not always able to provide lightning-fast responses, and then chatbots come to the rescue. It is an incredibly flexible tool that is already a must have for most marketers.


Search engine optimization is a great way to get near-free traffic. According to the data, 70-80% of people ignore paid search results and prefer to go only to sites from organic search results.

In order to succeed here, you will need to continuously monitor and adapt to new changes in the Google algorithm. However, in the long run, you can get organic traffic from people who are truly interested in your business.

Social media

CMOs must always adapt to their environment and emerging trends suggest that Gen Z is a technology generation. They spend a lot of time on social networks. The most promising direction for reaching this audience is TikTok. Therefore, if you still do not use it as one of the key directions in promotion, you are losing a lot.

Email Marketing

According to the research, email marketing ROI averages 38: 1. This explains the popularity of this tool. Every specialist who works to achieve business goals and increase results must have a strategy for interacting with the target audience through email newsletters.


The modern world is developing faster than ever. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to succeed every year. In the future, only those CMOs that are able to adapt quickly and use modern tools will be in demand.

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