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5 Valentine's Day Advertisers That Met Their Match Online

February 24 2016 by Jordan Kramer


Valentine’s Day advertising is always fun to watch. It starts slow, then ramps up with new daily creatives, reminding hopeful customers just how many days they have left to buy chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and other gifts. (Or, for some brands, assuring them that they can still find love.)
While the same top advertisers usually vie each year, what’s interesting is where those advertisers are spreading their money online. What sites are they going after and how are they buying impressions on those sites?

We looked at brands whose desktop display advertising not only spiked leading up to the holiday, but  also had a single site at the "heart" of their spikes. For the five advertisers featured below, a significant share of each of their pre-Valentine’s Day surges was attributed to a push on a single site.
Check out the details for these five brands: which sites, how they purchased impressions, plus their creatives and flight dates.

1. Plentyoffish Media Inc.

Top Site for Plentyoffish: youtube.com
Plentyoffish.com placed 83% of their impressions and 68% of their spend on youtube.com. Their purchase channels on youtube.com were 100% indirect, and their top partner was Google AdX + AdSense
Top Creatives:
PlentyoffishMediaInc._1-333110-edited.png PlentyoffishMediaInc._2-444645-edited.png
Creative Flight dates on youtube.com (left-right):
1. First Seen: 1/10/16, Last Seen: 2/19/16;
2. First Seen: 1/5/16, Last Seen: 2/20/16.

2. Tiffany & Co.

Top Site for Tiffany: espn.go.com
Tiffany placed 57% of their impressions—48% of their spend—on espn.go.com.  Their purchases were 100% direct on the site.
Top Creatives: 
TiffanyCo._1.png TiffanyCo._2.png TiffanyCo._3.png
Creative Flight dates on espn.go.com (left-right):
1. First Seen: 2/1/16, Last Seen: 2/15/16;

2. First Seen: 2/1/16, Last Seen: 2/15/16;
3. First Seen: 1/20/16, Last Seen: 2/14/16.


3. 1800Flowers

Top Site for 1800Flowers: espn.go.com
1800Flowers placed 47% of their impressions, representing 57% of their spend, on espn.go.com. Their purchases on the site were 96% direct and 4% indirect with top partner MediaMath.
Top Creatives:
1800Flowers.com_1.jpg 1800Flowers.com_2-1.png 1800Flowers.com_3-1.png
Creative Flight dates on espn.go.com (left-right):
1. First Seen: 2/2/16, Last Seen: 2/12/16;

2. First Seen: 2/8/16, Last Seen: 2/13/16;
3. First Seen: 1/25/16, Last Seen: 2/14/16. 

4. Hallmark Cards

Top Site for Hallmark: aol.com
34% of Hallmark's placements, and 34% of their spend, were on aol.com. Their purchases were 100% indirect on the site, with the top partner The Trade Desk.
Top Creatives:
HallmarkCardsInc._1.jpeg HallmarkCardsInc._2.jpeg HallmarkCardsInc._3.jpeg
Creative Flight dates on aol.com (left-right):
1. First Seen: 2/5/16, Last Seen: 2/6/16;

2. First Seen: 2/12/16, Last Seen: 2/13/16;
3. First Seen: 2/8/16, Last Seen: 2/9/16.

5. Pandora Jewelry, LLC.

Top Site for Pandora Jewelry: rotoworld.com
Pandora Jewelry's top placement site was rotoworld.com with 23% of their impressions (20% of their spend). Purchases on the site were 100% direct buys.
Top Creatives: 
PandoraJewelryLLC_1.jpeg PandoraJewelryLLC_2.jpeg
Creative Flight dates on rotoworld.com (left-right):
1. First Seen: 1/19/16, Last Seen: 2/15/16;

2. First Seen: 1/19/16, Last Seen: 2/15/16.
Check out the top historical advertisers over time in our data center.
Source: Pathmatics U.S. Desktop Data, 2/1/16-2/16/16.

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Jordan Kramer

An out-of-the-box thinker with a love for disruptive ideas, Jordan's background spans PR and events for the wedding & hospitality industry in Los Angeles and Scottsdale and also launching one of America's most unique food trucks. She jumped from the food start-up scene to the tech start-up scene in 2013 to join one of the most unique companies in ad tech. Jordan is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

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