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Advertisers Are Kicking Off for Football Season

September 25 2017 by Jordan Kramer
We see it every year, once NFL regular season returns to taking over your Sundays (and Thursdays…and Mondays), the big brands can’t help but to take advantage of the opportunity. Some advertisers take the official sponsorship route, while others use avenues to communicate a game-time message without paying the extra dollars. 
Here’s a look at some of the best creatives we’ve seen so far this season.


Always striking a humorous chord, Snickers' reigning “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign recently aired a Fantasy Football edition. NFL’s regular season debuted on Thursday, September 7th, but Snickers (Mars, Incorporated) began advertising to fans during the pre-season. The brand launched a slew of HTML5 display creatives across NFL, Yahoo! Sports, and specific NFL team sites during mid-August.
A quarter of Snicker’s digital advertising spend was directed to desktop video placements over the last thirty days, playing off their display campaigns. This creative launched on August 20th, and is the third top video creative by spend for the brand currently.
And, because we can’t get enough of these hilarious videos, their top video creative by spend was another Fantasy Football driven ad launched on September 2nd. Snickers, an official 2017 NFL sponsor, demonstrated a high level of creativity, while keeping ads completely on their brand with their 2017 campaign.


You’ve probably seen this creative, since it originally launched in January, but it is finding new life in this year’s football season. The desktop video ad features Tiki Barber, famed former running back of the New York Giants…running a barber shop. The clever creative is back running on NFL.com in addition to SI.com (Sports Illustrated), and several other sports-themed sites.
Because Geico isn’t an official sponsor of the NFL, you won’t see the league’s logo, nor will you hear anything about the current season. Well played, Geico.


Official NFL sponsor and shipping company, FedEx, also got in on the game-time fun. In this desktop video creative that ran from September 9th-12th on NFL and Yahoo! Sports, a sports apparel company is getting fan wear ready to ship when they make a realization about using FedEx Ground services.


Throwing a line to Odell Beckham, Jr., top wide receiver for the NY Giants, Verizon also put their game-face on. In their latest video creative launched on September 7th, the official sponsor features the player in a press conference setting with a reporter who can’t get the live stream on his phone to work due to network issues. Current spokesperson Thomas Middleditch (from Silicon Valley) steps in to remind everyone that Verizon has “America’s largest, most reliable LTE network.” It’s the important things in life.


Also featuring a current NFL player, Larry Fitzgerald stars in the most recent video creative for Bridestone Corporation. The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver tries out the company’s tires that are engineered to "go long”…cueing up several other things the player likes that are long, including hair, passes, and dogs. The creative first launched in April on NFL and ran until September 6th.
We’re loving the new Amazon Prime Video commercial they released about the new NFL streaming options available; however, the brand has yet to launch it as a video creative online. Who else are we waiting for? Bud Light. The brand has debuted a series of display creatives but we’re still on the lookout for humorous video ads to pop up online.


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