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April's Top Digital Advertisers

May 20 2016 by Jordan Kramer



April showers bring May flowers, as they say. But before we get to the bloom, April's rain washed some new brands into the the top ten rankings by impression volume across channels, joining the regular faces we’ve been seeing this year, like TurboTax. With tax season finally over (you can wipe the sweat from your brow), tax advertisers stopped running creatives after the 18th, but still managed to hold onto top spots by impression volume for the month, as a whole.
Making it's debut as the 8th top mobile+tablet advertiser by impression volume, Salesforce was one of the newer brands to make our report. The SaaS company’s campaigns promoted its Sales Cloud and CRM services. On video, Subaru surged from the 26th direct video advertiser by impression volume in March to the number one slot in April.  Much of the car maker's efforts targeted hulu.com preroll video. Ad networks continue to be the dominant buying channel across devices, taking the lion’s share of impressions for the top 500 advertisers. Read on for more highlights from April’s top digital advertisers, and download the full report here.

Salesforce enters the top ten on mobile+tablet

Salesforce made a huge push on mobile+tablet during the month of April, jumping from the top 50 advertisers, by impression volume, into the top ten. The majority of their 443 unique mobile creatives released during the month ushered prospects to this Sales Cloud landing page. Creatives included sales team targeted value propositions such as, "Track Your Lead. Close Your Deal. Raise Your Roof." with the challenge to: "Win every selling moment.” 
Spend and impressions spiked on 4/16 with the launch of just over 200 new creatives into the digital landscape. 90% of Salesforce’s mobile+tablet ad impressions were purchased through ad networks, with Google  AdX + AdSense taking 85% share. 10% of Salesforce.com’s mobile impressions were on Answers.com, their top site overall for the month, while only 1% of Salesforce’s mobile impressions were purchased direct, targeting NFL.com and AARP.com.
Here are a couple of the top mobile creatives for Salesforce, both promoting their Sales Cloud product:

 salesforce.cominc._Creative_5-18-2016.jpeg salesforce.cominc._Creative_5-18-2016_1.jpeg
Left Creative: First Seen on 4/15, Last Seen on 4/28. Right Creative: First Seen on 3/30, Last Seen on 4/23.
 Source: Pathmatics US Mobile Data, 4/1/16-4/30/16.

Subaru focuses on video, coming in as the top direct video advertiser for the month

Ranking 8th overall, by impression volume, on video, Subaru was also the number one direct buyer during the month of April. 98% of their video spend share constituted direct buys, with 96% of that hitting direct to hulu.com, their number one site. Other top sites for the auto maker included nbcnews.com and nhl.com.
Shots of Yosemite National Park filled many of the video creatives, with taglines such as, “Who we are is what we leave behind,” touting their love for the earth and dedication to the environment. Considering Earth Day was on April 22nd, it's no coincidence that Subaru was driving [no pun intended] people to this landing page explaining their current National Park Zero-Landfill initiative.
Here is an example of a Subaru video creative, first seen on April 1st and last seen on May 16th:

Ad networks are the preferred buying partners across channels

Ad networks were the number one preferred buying channel for advertisers across desktop, mobile+tablet and video. Google AdX + AdSense was the top partner across channels, serving up 30% of desktop impressions, 38% of mobile+tablet impressions, and 38% of video impressions. 
Here’s a breakdown of how the top 500 advertisers were buying across channels during April:

Source: Pathmatics US Data, 4/1/16-4/30/16. *By impression volume.

**All trademarks & copyrights property of their respective owners.

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