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August's Top Digital Advertisers 2016

September 23 2016 by Jordan Kramer



Between all of the football and pumpkin spice everything, it is beginning to feel like Fall! August was a huge month for some advertisers, like Netflix, trying to work their way into your Fall routine. The streaming platform put down some serious desktop advertising dollars for YouTube homepage takeovers during the month to promote their original series and movies. 
Other highlights for the month include Samsung's mobile strategy and Best Buy's video push. Samsung took advantage of mobile channels for the launch of their Galaxy Note S 7 during August, before pulling ads towards the end of the month ahead of a recall announcement. Best Buy welcomed students to college with laptop and tablet filled pre-roll video advertisements, while also appealing to the parents with plenty of television creatives. Download our August Top Advertisers report to see all of the other top digital advertisers by spend and impression across channels, and read on for more highlights.

Netflix Spends Big On Desktop With YouTube Homepage Takeovers

What will catapult you into the top ten desktop spenders list? Two words: YouTube takeovers. Netflix spent almost fifteen times more on desktop in August compared to July’s spend, shelling out over $12M during the month. Of that, 87% went to top site youtube.com. The streaming platform went big with three YouTube homepage takeovers starting on on August 9th, with an in-banner video creative promoting children’s film The Little Prince. A couple days later on August 12th, Netflix ran another YouTube takeover for their original musical drama, The Get Down. Finishing out the month with another takeover on August 26th, Netflix was pushing their very popular new series Stranger Things.
 Placement on youtube.com’s homepage on August 9th for The Little Prince. 
Source: Pathmatics US Desktop Data, 8/1/16-8/31/16.

Samsung Spends Over $590K on Mobile Before Pulling Galaxy Note 7 ads

Coming in as the 8th top mobile spender for the month of August, Samsung spent over $590K promoting their goods including the Galaxy Tab A, AddWash Washing Machine Door, and Galaxy Note 7. Nearly half of Samsung’s mobile spend during the month was promoting the now problematic phone release of the Note, with creatives disappearing at the end of the month with the remaining pulled on September 2nd - the day of the recall. 91% of their mobile web spend was direct, with the remaining 9% split between Google AdX+AdSense, Vivaki (Publicis), and Amazon.
Source: Pathmatics US Mobile Data, 8/1/16-8/31/16.

Best Buy Ranks As The Top Direct Video Buyer As Football Returns and Students Head to College

August is a time when football season is kicking off and students are about to get a new laptop before heading off to college. Best Buy knows the importance of these huge events. You need a new TV and a new computer. Ranking as the 4th top spender overall on video during the month of August, Best Buy Co., Inc. was also the number one direct spender. Nearly 100% of the brand’s video buys were purchased directly, with Hulu coming in as the top video site garnering 51% of Best Buy’s $8.5M+ video spend. ESPN was the second top site for the retailer with 20% of spend, and cnet.com (CBS Interactive) rounded out the top three with 15% of spend. 

Creative first seen 8/28/16, last seen 8/29/16 on youtube.com. Source: Pathmatics US Video Data, 7/1/16-7/31/16.

 Don't forget to download the August report in its entirety.

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