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Beyond Super Bowl 50: How The Top Brands Are Maximizing Campaigns

February 12 2016 by Jordan Kramer


The Super Bowl has come and gone, and yet we are still talking about the ads. The big game of advertising often sets the stage for the year coupled with lofty record-breaking prices. For this year’s big game, a 30 second spot ran a brand a cool $5 million bucks. With this much cash behind a campaign, in addition to creation costs, it is in a brand's best interest to maximize these spots to their fullest potential. We are beginning to see America’s favorite ads start rolling across the web as video advertisements. Going one step further, a few brands have already leveraged the success of their commercials across desktop and mobile.
We’ve zeroed in on five advertisers, 4 of them from the auto category, that have carried their campaigns across devices to get the most mileage. Read on for a few great examples of maximizing Super Bowl ad spend.

1. Subaru

Overall, a team favorite was the Subaru Puppy Commercial. While this “Dog Tested. Dog Approved.” campaign is not a first for the carmaker, the ‘Barkley’ family of dogs was at it again. This time Daddy Barkley was demonstrating the tried and true method of getting his pup to sleep by driving up and down the street. This endearing spot is one of many newer ‘Barkley’ ads to pop up in the last couple weeks. We first detected the Puppy Commercial as a video creative on February 3rd, and have tracked it on sports.yahoo.com, finance.yahoo.com and other yahoo.com subdomains. 
Pairing with the video advertising campaigns, Subaru also released a desktop and mobile+tablet creative with the dog family and the words “Don’t Sit. Don’t Stay. Never roll over.” These creatives link to Subaru’s dedicated landing pages to all things pets. From user generated content with doggie photo submissions from around the country to all of their various dog spots and even a section highlighting their support of animal charities, this is an excellent example of maximizing a Super Bowl ad campaign. 


2. Hyundai

Hyundai made a huge push during the Super Bowl with three separate commercials for different car models. The spots starred Ryan Renolyds in ‘Ryanville,’ a couple of bears were the focal point of an Elantra ad, and Kevin Hart played an overprotective father when his daughter gets taken out on a date. The auto giant released many desktop and mobile ads for all three spots, here is a look at their campaign around the Kevin Hart creative.
Testing out differing text lines, we detected several variations of these text based ads linking to the YouTube page for the commercial. Driving clicks to the YouTube spot has done well for the brand, the spot has been viewed 14.5M times to date. They also premiered the commercial on the Today Show prior to the game, garnering even more attention.

3. Jeep

The name says it all.  The web is a huge place and it should be no surprise that your brand is being mentioned somewhere out there, completely unbeknownst to you...until now.  Jeep’s Portraits Commercial has struck a cord amongst America, pulling on emotional threads depicting portraits of people, famous and otherwise, to “evoke the spirit of the brand instead of showing you the brand.” One of the more surprising aspects of this creative, is that it used only one third of the screen, giving a different feel than the other ads running during the game. This differentiator, and risk, worked to Jeep’s benefit.
On desktop and mobile, the theme is carried throughout with a fresh creative featuring the portraits and a powerful statement, “We don’t make Jeep. You do.” The desktop and mobile ads direct visitors to the YouTube page for the commercial, which now as over 12M views.

4. Honda

Honda also featured animals, including a dog, in it’s spot for its Ridgeline truck line. The ad featured sheep singing to Bohemian Rhapsody to showcase the audio system in the truck bed. This party of an ad was also spun into a desktop creative, featuring the dog and directing viewers to watch the spot on the Honda website.

5. Heinz Ketchup

Heinz’s Ketchup captured hearts with a herd of hot dog costume adorned dachshunds running through an open field. Towards humans dressed as ketchup and mustard bottles. Either way, with dogs in costumes, you can’t go wrong and Heinz has surely felt the love.
The desktop creative released by the packaged foods company was placed with a direct goal to drive people to the commercial's YouTube page.
Have you seen any of your favorite Super Bowl commercials turned into a desktop or mobile creative? Let us know in the comments!

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