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Brand of the Week: Carnival Cruise Line

April 13 2017 by Jordan Kramer
Spring Break season is officially here! While some of your friends and colleagues are already soaking up the sun, cruise lines are trying to reach those still on their computers, ready to click “Book Now” on any tropical adventure. Just this last week, on April 3rd, top travel advertiser Carnival Cruise Line released seventeen unique creatives across desktop, mobile, and video channels. The week prior, the brand upped their impression share on Wunderground (The Weather Company) by 2.3 times their thirty day average. Clearly, the travel advertiser is on a mission to sell out the remainder of their Spring and Summer cruises. 
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 On the creative end, Carnival Cruise Line wants you to know that there is a cruise for everyone. From a family trip with grandma and the kids, to a mom-recharge, or a couple’s escape - they have creatives for all audiences. The brand has been focusing heavily on video advertising, consuming 63% of their digital budget over the last thirty days, to paint a picture of a relaxing adventure for anyone that comes across their ads. Read on for insights into Carnival’s creative strategy over the last thirty days, and download the latest brand report detailing their entire digital buying plan here.

Family Friendly

What parent doesn’t want to go on an amazing family vacation? This week, Carnival wants to to remind you that their cruises represent “A Vacation Where Family and Fun Go Hand-in-Hand.” The display creative below, released on April 3rd, directs to this landing page, and was placed on SuddenLink, Fox News, Kohl’s, and Answers amongst others.
Carnival’s top creative over the last thirty days is a family-themed video creative, originally launched in January. In it, an entire family is shown having a great time on a cruise from a father and son playing in the pool, to the whole family looking out across the ocean from the deck. “Even grandma loves it!” the video narrator exclaims as grandma hits the water slide on an inner-tube. Over $214K has been invested by Carnival into the video creative, garnering over 12M digital impressions.

For the Moms

This campaign looks to target the moms out there that are looking at toothpaste crusted bathroom mirrors only to be dreaming of Caribbean destinations. The creative below launched on Monday, April 3rd in coordination with the publisher SheKnows, features a woman jumping into crystal blue waters with and island in the background. The title, “Embrace Your Inner Child” compliments the image while an in-banner video showcasing a mom on vacation teases the consumer even more.
The creative directs to a heavily branded sponsored post on SheKnows with a video to induce “Cruise envy” targeted towards moms. In the Megan Trainor-themed music video, the perspective changes between two woman: the first being a pregnant mother at home, and the other being a mom having a great time on a Carnival cruise with her family. The pregnant woman sings “got laundry everyday, just wanna get away,” while the jetsetting mother on vacation hits the pool deck with her kids.

No Kids, No Problem

For the care-free, no kids audience, Carnival has a different set of creatives. The mobile and desktop video creative below, launched on March 16th, is unique in the way there are no children seen at all throughout the entire video! Instead, young adults are shown “beach-hopping and bar-hopping,” in addition to splashing around in adult-only pools. The creative was placed on the YouTube homepage as well as several YouTube channels like EminemVEVO, Vevo, and BritneySpearsVEVO. To date, the brand has invested over $116K on that creative alone.
For the foodie crowd, Carnival has a creative for them, too! The video below, first launched on January 24th, shows the extensive food and drink options available on the brand’s cruises. Again, no children are seen anywhere in the ad that was placed on CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and Today.com.

Carnival's Digital Advertising Plan

Download the brand's digital advertising report over the last thirty days, including: spend and impression insights, top creatives, top sites, adtech partner data, investment by device-type, and more.
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