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Brand of the Week: ConAgra Foods

July 21 2017 by Jordan Kramer
Rumors are swirling that ConAgra - the behemoth parent company that counts Hebrew National, PAM, and Healthy Choice in their roster - has taken their programmatic buying in-house. For a brand that has spent over $8M on digital over the last twelve months, with only 30% of that going direct to publisher, that is a hefty programmatic budget for the brand to work with.
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Read on for highlights from ConAgra's current digital buying plan, and see the brand's entire digital advertising strategy in our new Brand of the Week Report.

Digital Spend Down in 2017, But Up Y/Y

ConAgra is going strong on digital, upping their spend across devices by 2.8x over the last thirty days compared to the same timeframe last year. Looking at all of 2017, the brand cut their digital spend in May after averaging about $450K a month on display. In June that number dropped to just $72K per month and is holding steady. 


 How Are They Buying?

ConAgra was leaning heavily on direct buys in early 2017, shelling out over $580K directly to AllRecipes.com since January 1st. The site that led in the brand’s site rankings from January to April, fell to the bottom of ConAgra’s top site list in June. As they scaled back significantly on direct spending that once accounted for 90% of their budget in February, programmatic buys took over in the brand’s strategy as they strive to do more with less.
Programmatic is key in ConAgra’s current digital strategy, accounting for 64% of the brand's digital advertising budget. On display specifically, that number jumps to over 70%, with top partner DataXu reaping the majority of their programmatic spend. Not only did ConAgra’s overall digital spend increase since last year, but DataXu is benefitting greatly with a spend for the DSP jumping to 4.7x what it was in 2016.
Compared to other brands within the space with similar digital spend, ConAgra’s programmatic strategy stands out as both Campbell’s Soup Company and The J.M. Smucker Company devote their entire budget to direct buys. The aforementioned competitors distribute their budget across an average of 3-4 sites per day, while ConAgra’s display creatives are detected on an average of 68 sites per day.


 What Sites Are They Hitting Programmatically?

Out of the nearly 500 sites that ConAgra creatives ran on over the last thirty days, 450 of them were targeted indirectly through programmatic buys. Diply, the top site for ConAgra, accounts for 18% of the brand's total spend across all sites.
Top 10 Programmatic Sites By Spend


See ConAgra's Full Digital Strategy [Free Report] 

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Jordan Kramer

An out-of-the-box thinker with a love for disruptive ideas, Jordan's background spans PR and events for the wedding & hospitality industry in Los Angeles and Scottsdale and also launching one of America's most unique food trucks. She jumped from the food start-up scene to the tech start-up scene in 2013 to join one of the most unique companies in ad tech. Jordan is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

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