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Brand of the Week: Netflix

January 27 2018 by Jordan Kramer
Streaming services are upping their ad game as investment in original content continues to increase exponentially. In the Fall of 2017, Netflix announced their plan to spend nearly $16B on content over the next few years. Over $6B alone was committed during the 2017 year as the brand works to become a creator in the Arts & Entertainment space.
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Notably, Netflix turned out the film Mudbound that has been received with worldwide acclaim and even Oscar nominations, proving that this streaming service means business. See how the brand has been spending across digital and social in the latest Brand of the Week Report and read on for high-level insights.

Arts & Entertainment Category Trends

Over the last thirty days, Netflix has led the Arts & Entertainment category by ad spend across display, mobile, and video. The streaming service is increasing ad spend to promote their investments in original content, and it’s showing. Netflix’s ad spend represented a nearly 14% share of category spend, and put them in second by digital impressions (over 9% share).
The category continues to favor YouTube as the number one top site by spend, followed by IMDB and Fandango. Page skins and valuable takeovers make these three sites prominent fixtures in the category’s digital strategy. 
Here’s a look at the top ten sites for the category over the last thirty days:

Netflix vs. Hulu

While Netflix leads Arts & Entertainment by spend, one of their top competitors, Hulu, led by impressions with over 12% of the digital impression share for the category. The battle between the streaming services spans over time with Hulu edging out Netflix as the top category advertiser for the 2017 year. Stakes are high as similar brands are fighting it out for share of wallet, and attention, amongst consumers that are hungry for alternatives to traditional cable and media companies.
Looking at the last thirty days, Netflix has run very little social advertising, while concentrating their ad budget on display and desktop video placements. YouTube represents the brand’s top site, followed by IMDB and Facebook mobile web coming in third. On the flip side, Hulu has dedicated a quarter of their overall digital ad budget to Facebook mobile placements while focusing the rest of their spend on display. Hulu is also targeting YouTube as their top site, but the brand has not placed any creatives on IMDB recently. Facebook mobile web and Yahoo! round out the brand’s top three, Yahoo! being a site that Netflix does not have in their current site plan. 
Here's a look at spend share between the two competitors acorss the last thirty days, along with the number of unique creatives released. While Netflix is winning by ad spend, Hulu takes the top spot by digital impressions with 60% share between the two.
As the original content budgets continue to increase, it will be interesting to see how streaming services use digital advertising to promote their offerings to prospective consumers.

See Netflix's Full Digital Advertising Strategy [Free Report] 

According to Winmo, sellers in the millennial space should be keyed into Netflix for 2018. They report that StatSocial identifies the brand’s core audience is targeted to ages 24 and under, so if you are in that sweet spot get your pitch together.

For more insights from Netflix's strategy, including creative details, top sites, and device-type breakdown, download the latest Brand of the Week Report below.

Download Netflix's Digital Ad Strategy

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