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Brand of the Week: Southwest Airlines

June 03 2017
Airline companies have been fixtures in the news recently, from onboard passenger incidents to complete PR gaffs, the industry isn’t having the greatest year. United Air Lines put the brakes on their digital advertising spend following a overbooked flight that resulted in one passenger being dragged off the plane by security. Southwest, Delta, American Airlines, and Spirit Airlines have all dealt with publicized situations involving passengers in the last couple months, throwing their PR and marketing teams into overdrive. 
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Baseball Season!

Over 50% of Southwest’s digital ad spend over the last thirty days has gone to top site, returning nearly 70% of the brand’s digital impressions. Southwest has been running four targeted creatives through direct deals with the publisher since April 29th, featuring witty copy like, “From dugout to Diego (San Diego that is).”
Southwest’s top creative over the last thirty days by spend is the 729x90 banner image shown below featuring the messaging,”Lead off to New York (LaGuardia).” Spend for the creative is still trending up so we expect to continue to see these baseball themed ads pop-up on MLB.

Increase in Video Placements   

Year-to-date, only eleven percent of Southwest’s digital ad spend has gone to desktop video placements, but in the last thirty days video has represented 34% of the brand’s budget. YouTube is the top video site for Southwest, accounting for nearly 40% of Southwest’s video spend. Partner TubeMogul is the top DSP for the brand, filling out the rest of the brand’s site strategy targeting the likes of MSNBC, Huffington Post, and USA Today.
The most recent video creatives humorously play on the pre-flight videos that you have grown accustomed to tuning out while traveling. These “Pre Video Announcement” pre-roll video creatives have popped up on YouTube, NYTimes, Realtor, Uproxx, and CNN, amongst others, over the last month to promote brand awareness. With buzzy words like “Trasfarency” and the “Yes Coast,” Southwest is trying to get your attention without making you tune out. 
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