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Brand Spotlight: Lands' End

May 05 2018 by Ken Roberts
Following his first year as CEO, Jerome Griffith has already seen signs of improvement at Lands’ End. The Wisconsin-based clothing retailer posted its first 12-month profit since 2014 and recently announced plans to open 40 to 60 stores over the next five years.
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 As Lands’ End gears up for the summer, let’s take a look at their digital advertising strategy and see what the clothing retailer has been up to over a 30-day period (Mar. 21 - Apr. 19).

Lands’ End Increases Digital Ad Spend

Of the total ad spend for the last 30 days, Lands’ End spent 78% of its budget on desktop display, and the remaining 22% on social. Compared to last year (Mar. 21 - Apr. 19, 2017), Lands’ End increased their total spend by $224,400, which resulted in almost 23.7 million more impressions.

LandsEnd_Overview_ChartKeep in mind, right around this time last year, Lands’ End hired Griffith as their new CEO. Hence ad spend was possibly less since the company was going through a transition in leadership. Now settled into his new position, the more recent ad spend increase in 2018 could be a result of Griffith's digital focus.

“For many years, we’ve operated as a catalog business with a complementary online e-mail and digital presence,” Griffith said during a 2017 second quarter earnings call. “We’ve been working to shift the relationship among these direct channels and bring our marketing expertise to the digital world.”

And the numbers back it up. In the last 30 days, Lands’ End used 99% of their total ad spend to purchase direct impressions from three sites: Weather.com, Facebook, and The Atlantic. Now that sales are up, maybe a digital focus is exactly what the clothing retailer needed.

Lands’ End Rolls Out Creatives for Summer

On the verge of summer, clothing retailers everywhere are introducing ad campaigns to promote their seasonal clothing lines—and Lands’ End is no exception.
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During the last 30 days, Land’s End launched 38 unique creatives with a many of them showcasing women’s swimwear. Their top creative (pictured above) appeared on Weather.com, shows their logo, a family on the beach, and calls on consumers to shop for swim tees.

LandsEnd_Blog_Creative_02Although the top two creative for the last 30 days are banner ads, the rest are mostly Facebook posts promoting their female swim line. All 16 social creatives picture a woman modeling the company’s swimwear. Furthermore, Lands’ End spent 98% of their social budget targeting females on Facebook, with 66% link posts, and 32% carousel posts.

Lands’ End Targets the East Coast on Social

According to data provided by Pathmatics, Lands’ End historically targeted female Facebook users in Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. But more recent data shows that the clothing retailer has shifted east—specifically New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Virginia.
Why is this?

As we keep hearing stories of big-box retailers closing stores, other large retail companies are surviving by opening smaller stores in more strategic locations. Lands’ End might be taking the same approach as they look to maximize their most profitable target areas.

See the Full Lands’ End Digital Advertising Strategy [Free Report]

For more insights from Lands’ End’s strategy, including creative details, top sites, and device-type breakdown, download the latest Brand Spotlight Report below.

Download Lands' End's Digital Ad Strategy

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