Bringing Magic to Pathmatics

Oct 24, 2018 1:59:20 PM

When I joined Pathmatics in July it was clear the company had great opportunities ahead.  There was massive momentum with new brands coming on board, high impact strategic partnerships in development, happy users of our product, and industry leading technology innovation. The challenge was that none of this was being reflected in our web site or customer facing materials and content.  

Our marketing team set off to fix that by partnering with our customers to get a deeper understanding of why they chose to partner with Pathmatics and what we meant to them. Over and over again one word kept cropping up in these interviews and in talking to our team members: magic.

This theme and idea resonated with us as we thought about re-imagining our brand identity in the marketplace.  The collective accomplishments since the team set off on the journey to become the source of truth for digital marketing data was magic. Delivering such a unique product experience at the scale that we have been across thousands of customers with the a team our size is pretty amazing.

We wanted to use our new brand identity to set a foundation for the next phase of growth for the company, create something immediately recognizable and incorporate the themes and feedback we heard from customers.

What we landed on is "magic", incorporating a crystal ball into our new logo.  This represents the unique ability of Pathmatics Explorer to reveal delivery every ad in any channel across the globe to our users.



Pathmatics Explorer is a new product name.  It's more descriptive of what our users do when they log into our industry leading marketing intelligence platform.  They set off to explore and use our data to take action on their digital marketing activities.

Pathmatics offers three unique solutions to give you exactly what you need from our data,

We hope you enjoy the brand, identity, and dogs on the new site!  We welcome any feedback and look forward to continuing to working with all of you in driving transparency in the digital ad ecosystem.

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