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Chatting With Chatterji I Digital Publisher Talk

February 12 2015 by Nirav Chatterji


Welcome to our 'Chatting With Chatterji' series where our in-house Senior Account Manager, Nirav Chatterji, will be interviewing thought leaders within the adtech industry to get their thoughts on problems, solutions and trends within the ad space.



About: Based out of New York, Alex is a native of the Tri-state area and likes good ’ole oldies and a bit of reading on the side when she’s not gearing up for Shark Week. With specialties in advertising sales including pre-sale development and post sales analysis, planning and years of account management and managerial experience at multiple world-leading publishing companies, Alex is the perfect person to kick-start our thought leadership series.  

Nirav : Adtech is a fast moving and ever changing industry. What do you think will be the biggest trends in 2015?

Alex: I think we'll continue to see big growth in video and custom content. There are definitely some huge opportunities with these products as digital publishers hone their targeting capabilities.

Nirav : Who is your biggest role-model or influencer in the AdTech industry?

Alex: Toby McKenna - she's currently SVP of Sales at Answers.com.  She's a terrific mentor, very insightful and knows the industry better than anyone else I've met - it's great to have her as a sister! 

Nirav: How has your overall experience been with Pathmatics (the team, onboarding, training, user experience, data etc.)? 

Alex: Overall the experience has been incredibly easy and seamless.  The customer service is some of the best I've experienced in the industry and training was customized to help our sales team.

Nirav: When do you find yourself using Pathmatics? (meeting prep, campaign review/release, negotiation…)

Alex: It's most often used before a client meeting to see where they are spending (with competitors, on mobile, via programmatic, etc) and also when prospecting new clients.

Nirav: What is the best feature/ functionality you like about Pathmatics advertising sales solutions?

Alex: The site comparison tool is the most useful function of Pathmatics.  It is very helpful for us to see who is spending with our competitors and not with us.  It's great to be able to splice the data several different ways to get the most efficient results.

Nirav : If you weren't in adtech, what would you be doing?

Alex: I'm a big history nerd so would love to be a historian concentrating on NYC at the turn of the 20th century.

Nirav : When in NYC, what would you recommend for a fun dinner & drinks place?

Alex: There are so many amazing spots! I'd say Bar Primi or Aria are always delicious.


A huge thank you to Alex for her time and thoughts. If you have any interest in chatting with Nirav, shoot him an email at nirav@pathmatics.com.

*Since we at Pathmatics prize the openness and transparency in digital advertising, the views expressed by subject matter experts interviewed in this section may span a broad range and will not necessarily represent the views of Pathmatics. 

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Nirav Chatterji

Nirav has a history of bringing a charismatic and a newfound approach to sharing ideas. His professional journey started as a Treasury Management Associate at Bank of America. Thereafter he took the leap of faith into the world of startups - working in Sales and Business Development at a leading mobile ad network while bringing start-ups to fruition with one-man grassroots marketing campaigns. When not working his day job at Pathmatics, he truly thinks of himself to be batman. He holds an Economics degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

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