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Chatting With Chatterji I DSP Talk

November 11 2015 by Nirav Chatterji


Welcome back to our 'Chatting With Chatterji' series where our in-house Senior Account Manager, Nirav Chatterji, will be interviewing thought leaders within the adtech industry, and AdRoutes users, to get their thoughts on problems, solutions and trends within the ad space.



Priti Ohri (prounounced “Pretty” – also how her name ends up on Starbucks’ cups), is a multilingual woman in ad tech with international work experience spanning over ten years. Upon graduating from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management MBA program, she went on to work with some of the largest luxury brands, including LVMH & Coach, as a Financial and Retail Planner.

She is passionate about problem solving and entrepreneurial by nature – constantly seeking opportunities to improve efficiency, drive initiatives, and create change. Whether it’s designing the right business solution for a prospective partner or improving internal operations, she's up for the challenge. Working for one of the world's leading demand-side platforms, she is on the pulse of the ad tech scene.

Nirav : Adtech is a fast moving and ever changing industry. What do you think will be the biggest trends in 2016?
Priti: Isn't it the year of mobile…again? Or was it programmatic?  Just kidding.  With the proliferation of devices and shifting consumer attention, I think there’s huge opportunity for truly defining a cross-device measurement system, including connected and addressable TV. Of course, all of this should be done in line with rising viewability standards and increased fraud measurement, with consumer privacy at the core. 

Nirav: Do you find yourself using an analytics platforms in your day-to-day work?
Priti: Pathmatics is used to help sales across the board, from new hires to regional directors, it’s incredibly helpful.  At our company, Pathmatics is seen as an integral part of the account planning process and is always the first step in meeting prep.  From prospecting to researching, Pathmatics delivers a breadth of information that is insightful, easy to access, and immediately digestible. 

Nirav: Have these tools improved your client relationships?
Priti: I would say so – there’s a stat out there saying that 85% of sales reps are unprepared for meetings.  Anything we can do to avoid falling in that category is beneficial for everyone involved.

Nirav: When in NYC, what would you recommend a fun dinner/ drinks place would be?
Priti: NYC has so much to offer when it comes to food/drinks – everything from ramen, to KBQ,
meat is incredible – all depends on what you fancy.

Nirav : If you weren't in Adtech, what would you be doing?
Priti: I’d be independently wealthy and travel the world  ;) Wouldn’t you do the same?

 A huge thank you to Priti for her time and thoughts. If you have any interest in chatting with Nirav, shoot him an email at nirav@pathmatics.com.

*Since we at Pathmatics prize the openness and transparency in digital advertising, the views expressed by subject matter experts interviewed in this section may span a broad range and will not necessarily represent the views of Pathmatics. 

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Nirav Chatterji

Nirav has a history of bringing a charismatic and a newfound approach to sharing ideas. His professional journey started as a Treasury Management Associate at Bank of America. Thereafter he took the leap of faith into the world of startups - working in Sales and Business Development at a leading mobile ad network while bringing start-ups to fruition with one-man grassroots marketing campaigns. When not working his day job at Pathmatics, he truly thinks of himself to be batman. He holds an Economics degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

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