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[WATCH] Product Spotlight: Third Party Cookie Blocker!

April 01 2021 by Matthew Bozin



Listen, we get it - Ad Intelligence is useful, pragmatic, and helps your business grow your digital strategy and get a glimpse at your competitors. But does it energize you? Is it the first thing you think about when you get up in the morning? Well...yes, for Pathmatics it is...but that doesn't mean we're not willing to step outside our comfort zone.

And that's why we're introducing our newest product - THE PATHMATICS COOKIE BLOCKER! Because no one likes to be tracked across the web and retargeted with ads and emails. 

Now, we know what you're thinking, "Isn't that counterproductive to a company that tracks digital ads?" And, you're right. But what fun is this world if you can't give yourself a little challenge every once in a while? It's not like our competitors are? (That was a cheap shot...we respect our competitors)

The Cookies

You see it every day. You do one search for that slim pair of corduroy overalls (corduroy is "in" now, right?), and suddenly, that same pair shows up on every web page for the next 3 days. NO MORE! With Pathmatics Third Party Cookie Blocker you'll never have to worry about your search history coming back to haunt you. Whether it's that chocolate chip television you were thinking about buying, or those sugar cookie shoes with the multi-colored sprinkle laces, our newest product launch will let you block cookies of any kind.

Wait, I think we're getting our cookies confused? Anyway, check out the VIDEO, and you'll get an idea of how it works. Happy April 1st! - Not at all a weird day to launch a new product, right?

And if you want to learn more about the Pathmatics Cookie Blocker or any of our digital Intelligence tools, be sure to hit us up for a demo.

About Author
Matthew Bozin

After earning his BS in Communications, Matt cut his teeth in the entertainment industry, spending fifteen years writing everything from feature screenplays for A-List directors, to celebrity bios for some of Hollywood’s top actors. That creative drive made it an easy transition to Marketing, bringing his eye for storytelling to the digital advertising ecosystem.

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