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Digital Competitive Intelligence Report: Equifax vs. TransUnion

March 01 2017 by Jordan Kramer
We recently looked at digital trends amongst the top credit reporting companies during 2016, including Experian, Credit Karma, Equifax, and TransUnion. This extremely competitive market relies heavily on desktop/display advertising to get the attention of consumers in need of credit score information and monitoring. Equifax and TransUnion, two of the biggest contenders in the space, compete daily for share of wallet from their target audience. But how are they competing with their ad strategies?
Using Pathmaticsproprietary, real-time digital spend and impression data. We looked at the current advertising strategies for Equifax and TransUnion. This data, covering desktop, mobile, and video placements, uncovers how each brand is spending their digital budgets, the sites being targeted, and partner insights. Here’s a look at how their buying plans are stacking up so far in 2017.

TransUnion Is Still Outspending Its Competitors

TransUnion is currently outspending Equifax across desktop, mobile, and video by well over a million dollars, dishing out just under $2M on digital since January 1st. The majority of their budget has been invested in desktop or display placements, however, they have ramped up on mobile since last year. Mobile now represents 16% of TransUnion’s budget, compared to representing only 6% of the brand's entire budget for 2016. Equifax, on the other hand, has spent around $868K on digital so far in 2017. But, don’t count Equifax out of the game entirely - while the brand is being outspent on digital, they are pumping out the most creatives.

Equifax Demonstrates Strong Presence Across Top Sites

Instead of going after the larger pubs that TransUnion is spending heavily on, Equifax put their budget towards sites that aren’t as high up on its competitor's priority list. Rentals.com is Equifax’s current top digital site, consuming 67% of their entire digital budget. A strong play by the brand in identifying a target audience that is looking for a new place to rent, and therefore will also need a credit score to apply. Also, the site is barely on TransUnion’s radar, allowing Equifax to take 99% of the spend and impression share for the site between the two advertisers. 

TransUnion Increases Direct Spend

Direct buys represent 22% of TransUnion’s current total spend YTD across desktop, mobile, and video - a significant portion compared to the only 5% invested direct in 2016. Google AdX + AdSense is the largest player for TransUnion, consuming 41% of the brand’s spend, followed by Magnetic with 34% share. 
Equifax’s current direct spend is right around the same percentages as compared to their strategy in 2016, holding at 9%. Google AdX + AdSense is also Equifax's top partner, dolling out 64% of the brand’s budget across digital. Advertising.com followed as Equifax's second top partner by spend, with 19% share.

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Source: Pathmatics US Desktop, Mobile, and Video Data, January 1st, 2017 - February 21st, 2017.

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