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How Gawker Media Group's Top Three Sites Are Selling

May 16 2016 by Jordan Kramer



Have you ever heard of Gawker Media Group? Of course you have. Beyond their flagship web-site of the same name, the the behemoth media company owns a good portion of alternate sites that stream across your Facebook feed on a daily basis (and was the group just involved in a well-publicized legal battle with Hulk Hogan). These sites include Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Jezebel and Deadspin, amongst others. One of the larger player’s in todays publishing game, the group has been very successful in creating niche websites appealing to specific audiences, while keeping authenticity by site.
On the sell side, the group as a whole is making a hefty profit with programmatic - growing by triple digit percentages over the last two years. Their flexibility in strategy and openness to changes in the landscape has helped evolve their programmatic offerings over the years to drive sales, starting with a strictly PMP approach, to an open exchange option, and now the implementation of header bidding. Eyal Ebel, VP of Programmatic for Gawker Media Group, recently stated in AdExchanger “If you play three years out, you aren’t going to see header bidding coming, you aren’t going to see server-to-sever coming. Every publisher, every advertiser, whether they want to admit it or not, is making it up as they go along.” Of their nine media properties, Deadspin, Gawker and Jezebel have the highest monthly readership numbers. Here’s a peak at how those sites were selling display impressions in Q1.

Jezebel I 15M+ Monthly US Readers

The women’s site which proclaims it's “dedicated to what contemporary women want to talk about,” explores topics including fashion truths, advice, entertainment realities and more. With over 15,500,000 monthly US readers and over 700k fans on social media, they've surely tapped into an engaged audience of millenial women in their twenties and early thirties. The top three overall advertisers, by impression volume, during Q1 for the site were Anheuser-Busch, Showtime and Verizon - all with programmatic or ad network focused strategies. The top three direct advertisers on jezebel.com during Q1 were ABC Entertainment Group, Pop Media Group, LLC and Mars, Incorporated.
The lion’s share of impressions are handled by top partner, Rubicon Project, with direct buys falling to a distant second, accounting for only 14% of desktop impression volume.


Gawker I 18M+ Monthly US Readers

Founded in 2002, Gawker.com is the famed gossip site that the parent company is built upon, with over 18,200,000 US monthly readers. Another 1.6M sets of eyes follow the site on Facebook and Twitter, bringing their total monthly audience to just under 20M. The top overall advertisers, by impression volume for Q1, were American Express Company, SABMiller, and Showtime. American Express and SABMiller were also the top two direct advertisers on gawker.com during Q1, followed by ABC Entertainment Group.
Rubicon Project is also the top partner on gawker.com, with 50% share of desktop impression volume. 59 direct advertisers account for 30% of gawker.com’s ad impressions.


Deadspin I 25M+ Monthly US Readers

The top site for Gawker Media Group, by US monthly readership, is Deadspin.com, which focuses on sports - “on and off the field.” Driven by male readership, 25,700,000 sets of eyeballs visit deadspin.com monthly, joined by another 800K+ followers on social media. American Express Company was also the top advertiser, and top direct advertiser, by impression volume during Q1. Anheuser-Busch and SABMiller followed as top overall advertisers for the site.
Gawker Media Group’s top preferred partner, Rubicon Project, served 54% of the desktop impressions for deadspin.com. Direct buys accounted for 24% of the impression volume, yet brought in 60% of deadspin.com’s spend share.
See how other sites are selling impressions here.
Source: Spend and impression estimates from Pathmatics US Desktop Data, 1/1/16-3/31/16.
Monthly readership numbers and demographic data from Gawker Media Group's Advertising Kit.
**All trademarks & copyrights property of their respective owners. 

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