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How Much Do Your Competitor’s Spend on Twitter Ads?

February 16 2021 by Sarah Fleishman
Twitter digital advertising spend
Twitter digital advertising spend

Twitter is the third most popular social media platform for advertising. So your competitors are very likely allocating a portion of their ad budget to Twitterverse outreach.

But how much are your competitors actually spending on Twitter advertising? It’s a question as old as time. Or at least since 2010, when Twitter started showing ads. 

Since that fateful day social media archeologists, digital forensic scientists, online anthropologists, ancient alien theorists, scientologists, and symbologists have all been trying to crack the code on Twitter ad spend.

And it’s finally happened. Thanks to our super smart friend Pathmatics Explorer.

 Professor Pathmatics is an expert in the field of spendology. (It also reads a lot of Dan Brown.) So trust us when we say it knows how to stare intently at the brush strokes painted by your competitors on Twitter and decipher the world-changing hidden meanings behind them. Namely, their ad spending habits.

So let’s get cracking and unlock this cryptex.

1 . Find the Top Twitter Advertisers for Your Industry

When we previously deciphered how much your competitors spend on Instagram ads, we used the dating industry as an example. So let’s stick with that.

To refresh your memory, here’s how to get a quick overall snapshot of the advertising landscape on Twitter as it relates to your business:

  • Step 1: Use Pathmatics Explorer to find “Top Advertisers”
  • Step 2: Filter those advertisers according to your industry

When we said quick, we weren’t joking. 

Twitter Top Advertisers

Once we know the top advertisers we can filter out every ad channel save for Twitter.  Twitter Top Advertisers-2


What we’re left with is a ranked list of the top advertisers in the dating industry on Twitter, according to ad spend.

And it took us less than a minute to find.

Twitter Top Advertisers-3

 The results show Match.com spent the most advertising on Twitter, dishing out $206K. As a result they captured 70% of all impressions for the dating industry. (These figures relate to U.S. advertising on Twitter over the past 12 months, but we could also have adjusted them to a different timeframe or country.)

That’s the Who of Twitter spending. 

Next let’s take a look at the What.

2. View What Ad Creative Your Competitors Spend the Most On

Spend and impression totals aren’t the only insight we gain when looking up the top advertisers on Twitter. We also instantly see the ad creative they are spending the most to promote.

Twitter Top Advertisers-4

 That’s a grid view. For even more insight, we can toggle to the list view and breakdown how much total was spent on each ad, how many impressions each campaign garnered, and the spend trend over each campaign’s lifespan.

Twitter Top Advertisers-5

 These are just a sampling of the top ad creative. You can also select “See All Creatives” at the bottom to see all the ads from all the top advertisers in the dating industry, and how much they spent on each.  

That’s the What.

Now let’s see the Where.

3. See Where on Twitter Your Competitors Spend

So far we’ve been taking a look at the big picture. Let’s refine our search and look at spending on the brand level.

For this example, we’ll look at Match.com.


One key takeaway Pathmatics Explorer found was that Match.com primarily spends on Photo Post ads. By...a lot.

Twitter Match.com post type

And with that, in a few minutes time, we’ve found the who, what and where of your competitor’s ad spend on Twitter.

What Additional Competitor Insight Can We Glean About Twitter Advertising?

The above ad intelligence on its own is valuable. But you can get even more competitor insight by comparing it to similar data on other channels, like advertising on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube.

For instance, SofiaDate.com and The Meet Group (the second and third biggest ad spenders on Twitter, respectively) don’t even rank in the top 15 of top advertisers on Instagram. There’s a whole lot to glean from that information (and the associated analytics provided from Pathmatics Explorer reports) regarding target markets and ad strategy that could make a world of difference when considering the next campaign of any brand interested in hitting it off in the dating industry.

So to say the least, we’ve solved the mystery.

We’ve deciphered how much competitors are spending on Twitter ads (and how it relates cross-channel, cross-industry and cross-brand.) Turns out, for a question as old as time, it didn’t really take all that long to figure out.

We’ve learned a lot from Professor Pathmatics here today. But what we’ve seen is only a fraction of the valuable insight provided by Twitter ad intelligence. So use this know-how as a starting off point to take your ad strategy to the next level.

After all, you’re now an expert in the field of spendology. Go forth and decode! 

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Sarah Fleishman

With over a decade of experience across digital marketing, content, creative, and PR, Sarah is a creative and dynamic thinker who loves to delight clients with unique and relatable content. Sarah graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Sociology.

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