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How To Target The Top 5 Wedding Sites

April 18 2016 by Jordan Kramer



It’s almost wedding season! Each year, 2.3 million couples rush to the alter in the US alone, which means only one thing, your social media feeds are about to be bombarded with Springtime wedding photos of perfectly matched bridesmaids dresses and dapper men in tuxedos, leading into Summer. For companies whose target demographic are couples preparing to exchange vows, marking the top wedding blogs and sites can be a challenging task. Several wedding blogs, such as Style Me Pretty, have grown over the years to battle the top historical wedding publications like Brides and TheKnot.com. Each has a different method of selling ads to its audience, and uses different partners. 

How do you get your ads placed on these sites?
We’ve pulled 5 of the top wedding blogs and sites, looking into how each site sells impressions, their top advertisers and the best route to target your media buying strategy and get the most from your dollar.

1. The Knot

The number one wedding site listed by Alexa is theknot.com, bringing in an average of 7,418,000 unique monthly visitors. With an average age of 29, 86% of The Knot’s readers have college degrees, and a median HHI of $73,650. Claiming to have the highest number of affluent brides, 2,680,000 readers have an HHI of $100K+.
The top desktop advertiser (and top direct advertiser) for the digital publication in Q1 was Shutterfly, Inc., followed by Bed, Bath & Beyond, Inc. and Macy’s. 44% of theknot.com’s desktop impressions were sold through ad networks, with Google AdX+AdSense taking 43% of the share. If you are looking to make a direct deal, 32% of desktop impressions were sold direct in Q1 and 15% of impressions were house ads. Using this data, you can leverage a position for lower direct rates knowing that they would rather sell their impressions rather than sit on them. 
Who is theknot.com selling desktop impressions to? 

2. Brides (Conde Nast)

According to Brides’ media kit, brides.com receives 2,972,000 monthly unique visitors across platforms and ranks second, according to Alexa, in the wedding category. With 85% of digital readers being female, the top 3 advertisers on the site during Q1 were Newell Rubbermaid, Next Issue Media, and Weddington Way. 
Direct deals are brides.com's preferred method of selling impressions, accounting for 46% of impressions sold. Google AdX+AdSense was the top ad network partner during Q1, serving 24% of desktop impressions. If you're looking to hit brides.com programmatically, Rubicon Project is the top SSP partner used by the site, serving 7% of total impressions.
Who is brides.com (Conde Nast) selling desktop impressions to? 

3. WeddingBee

This online wedding community and blog has grown to over 240,000 members since 2006 and rakes in over 21M monthly page views. With over 20 real brides posting daily content, the interactive nature of the site has courted large retailers such as Home Depot and Tiffany & Co. as direct advertisers. The top three desktop advertisers for weddingbee.com for Q1 were Zola, Inc., Macy’s and Auba Tourism Authority (cue the #honeymoonvibes). 
97 direct advertisers comprised 61% of the site’s desktop ad impressions during Q1, compared to the 581 indirect advertisers filling the other 39%. Direct deals accounted for 61% of the site’s total desktop impressions sold, followed by ad networks serving 27% of the site’s impressions. Raymor & Flanigan Furniture, the site’s top indirect advertiser, used Undertone to buy impressions.
Who is weddingbee.com selling desktop impressions to? 

4. Style Me Pretty

Launched in 2007, this extremely popular wedding blog sees over 18M monthly page views and has over 46,000 RSS subscribers. The brand also now boasts a book, online magazine and regionally based wedding blogs from Canada to Australia. The average reader is between 21 and 37 years of age, with 90% planning to wed within the coming year
Allure Bridals, Inc., Shutterfly, Inc., and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" film were the top three desktop advertisers on stylemepretty.com during Q1. All of the top three advertisers purchased impressions directly from Style Me Pretty. Direct deals are the preferred sales channel for the site, with an 82% share of all desktop impressions served. Advertising.com was the most popular partner during Q1, serving 8% of the desktop impressions for stylemepretty.com. If you are looking for high-profile placements, direct is the recommended purchase channel, keeping in mind that 7% of impressions served during Q1 were house ads - there is room for negotiation.
Who is stylemepretty.com selling desktop impressions to?



5. Martha Stewart Weddings (Meredith)

The fairy godmother of weddings has been informing the bridal world of new trends and easy tips since 1994 when Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine first launched. Fast forward to present day, where the magazine has now established a strong digital presence with 665K monthly unique visitors, and a strong bevy of followers across social networks. The median age for readers is 30, with a median HHI of $110,500 and median wedding size of 122 guests.
Direct deals dominate how marthastewartweddings.com sells desktop impressions - accounting for 87% of impressions served. The top three advertisers for the site bought direct and include The Dessy Group, Shutterfly, Inc., and Williams-Sonoma Inc. Google AdX + AdSense was the top partner for advertisers to target the site indirectly, followed by the ad network Yieldbot and The Trade Desk, a DSP.
Who is marthastewartweddings.com selling desktop impressions to?
 See how other top sites are selling impressions here.
Source: Pathmatics US Desktop Data, First Quarter: 1/1/2016 - 3/31/2016.
*By impression volume. **All trademarks & copyrights property of their respective owners.

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