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School is back in session and out-of-office replies are slowing down as industry gears are changing to prepare for Fall. But, before the leaves begin turning hues of orange and red, let's take a look back at which brands heated up the summer, on digital. In our new July Top Advertisers Report, we now list the top ten advertisers by spend and impressionto help provide a more transparent view into the digital ecosystem.
July saw continued domination by the Financial Services category across most channels, led by Capital One Financial Corporation, while Food & Drink advertisers ramped up on video. Auto was also a top category by impression volume, with Nissan standing out as the top spender. Additionally, Apple Inc. made large push for their iPhone device, coming in as the 4th largest spender on video. Read on for more insights and download the report in its entirety here.

Nissan Ranks As Top Auto Spender On Digital

Overall the auto category made a strong showing for the month, ranking as the second top category by impression volume on desktop & mobile, and third on video. Nissan ranked as the top auto spender on digital for the month of July, capping out at just over $11M in spend across desktop, mobile and video. That’s an increase of $3.6M+ more than their spend during the month of July in 2015, with a stronger push on desktop, causing the jump.
Breaking down Nissan’s total digital ad spend, over $7.5M went to desktop buys, $300K to mobile+tablet, and $3.2M to video. The majority of their spend went to direct buys, accounting for 78% of desktop spend, 77% of mobile spend and 84% of video spend. Other top spenders in the auto category included Ford, with over $10M in digital spend for the month (and ranked as the top auto spender on desktop and mobile overall), and Chevrolet.
July Desktop Spend: $7,539,500
July Mobile Spend: $311,500
July Video Spend: $3,237,500
 This placement on youtube.com’s homepage on July 9th helped catapult Nissan’s desktop spend over the $7M mark. 
Source: Pathmatics US Video Data, 7/1/16-7/31/16.

Financial Services Category Sweeps Desktop and Mobile, Falls Short to Food & Drink on Video

Per usual, the Financial Services category continues to dominate desktop and mobile by impression volume and spend, and narrowly edged out finance advertisers on video, taking the top spot. Here are the top five categories per device type, by impression volume:
Top Desktop Categories By Impression Volume
  1. Financial Services
  2. Auto
  3. Business
  4. Travel
  5. Telecom
Top Mobile+Tablet Categories By Impression Volume
  1. Financial Services
  2. Auto
  3. Business
  4. Retail
  5. Telecom
Top Video Categories By Impression Volume
  1. Food & Drink
  2. Financial Services
  3. Auto
  4. Travel
  5. Pharma & Healthcare  

Shot on iPhone, Apple Spends Over $5.4M on Video Advertising

Running 56 unique video creatives during the month of July, Apple Inc. was the 4th top spender on video. All 56 creatives were a part of the ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign the tech conglomerate has been pushing to bring attention to their device’s camera quality. Most creatives were released on June 7th and ran until July 21st, hitting top site youtube.com. 80% of Apple’s video spend during the month went to youtube.com, followed by 17% of spend going to mlb.com.

Creative first seen 6/7/16, last seen 7/21/16. Source: Pathmatics US Video Data, 7/1/16-7/31/16.


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