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May's Top Video Advertisers

June 26 2015 by Jordan Kramer


As video continues to grow and consume more of advertisers’ budgets, even stealing dollars away from TV ad spend, the value of purchase channel insights grows as well (IAB Digital New Fronts Video Ad Study).  In the month of May the top 500 Advertisers purchased 58% of their impressions direct. Compared to 38% of desktop impressions purchased direct and 37% on mobile, it’s evident that video is being incorporated into media strategies more consciously (Pathmatics Data).  Couple these figures with an 89% increase in marketer spend on digital video advertising since 2013 and you have a lot of dollars to fight for as a publisher, to the tune of $10.4M (IAB).  Knowing which partners brands are working with direct, and exactly how competitors are buying, is key in prospecting smarter. See below for purchase channel insights into the top 500 advertisers for the month of May and a more in depth look at the top 3 video advertisers.



1. T-Mobile was the top video advertiser by impression volume for the month of May, and the 2nd ranked advertiser by direct impression volume at 61% of total impressions (after VEVO at 98% direct).  The remaining 39% of impressions were purchased solely through one AdTech provider (viewable in the Pathmatics AdRoutes dashboard).  In the month of May T-Mobile launched 40 new video creatives on an average of 16 sites per day.  Walmart.com was the top site for the telecom company (100% direct) followed by news.yahoo.com and sports.yahoo.com (both 100% programmatic).  This looks like a smart strategy considering that 2 of T-Mobile’s top competitors, AT&T and Verizon, did not run any video impressions on walmart.com (only display).
2. Hotwire, Inc. was the second largest video advertiser with a largely indirect strategy: 50% of impressions were purchased through one DSP and other 50% of impressions were purchased via 2 ad networks.  Releasing 73 unique video creatives during the month on an average of 23 sites per day, youtube.com was the number one site for the travel company.  In a competitive analysis against Priceline.com and KAYAK.com, Hotwire.com is the clear leader in video advertising currently consuming 87% of the combined impression volume.

3. The third biggest video advertiser by impression volume during May was State Farm.  85% of State Farm’s video impressions were purchased through 2 ad networks while the remaining 15% of impressions were purchased direct.  

State Farm also ran the most video ad impressions on youtube.com (100% ad network buys) followed by espn.go.com and weather.com (both 100% direct). Compared to other insurance companies such as Farmers Insurance and Allstate (using Pathmatics competitive analysis tools), State Farm is winning with video on a site-by-site level and in overall impression volume.


It’s no secret that video is where the next wave of digital advertising is heading, but it's imperative for agencies and marketers to be aware of large video players and pre-existing partner relationships. Understanding how publishers sell their inventory and competitors execute their buys is an essential first step in crafting an optimized media strategy in the rapidly evolving world of video advertising. Analytics tools are also the only way to answer some question that only the future will tell. Will direct buys continue to dominate video as brands become more savvy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

*The Advertiser Comparison tool in Pathmatics AdRoutes is a digital advertising competitive analysis tool that allows players in the ad space to see how their media strategy stacks up against their competitors across desktop, mobile, video, tablet and native.  Contact our sales team to schedule a free, personalized demo with access to immediately actionable, real-time data.

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