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May's Top Digital Advertisers

June 13 2016 by Jordan Kramer



We are now, officially, halfway through 2016 and sprinting to the end of Q2 as “submit” clicks for Summer trips have begun outpacing business emails. Similarly, brands are starting to gear up for summer campaigns, which means May’s top advertisers by impression volume, across channels are here. While there were no huge movers or shakers, there were some category switches and climbers.

During the month of May we watched the auto category regain their lead on desktop and mobile+tablet, bumping out Financial Services. Automakers and dealerships took four of the top ten desktop spots by impression volume, commanded in large part by GM. And with Mother’s Day, it's no surprise that a ‘gifts & occasions’ brand (FTD) landed in the top advertisers rankings. In video, General Mills vaulted into the number one spot, reinforcing Food & Drink’s steady lead as the top advertising category. Read on for more highlights from May’s top digital advertisers and be sure to download the full report across channels here.

The Auto Category climbs to the top on desktop and mobile+tablet, led by GM

The Auto category has been battling it out with Financial Services on desktop and mobile+tablet throughout 2016. Financial Services regained its lead as the top advertising category in April, only to fall to Auto in May. Automakers and dealer associations are on the hunt for prospective buyers, raising paid digital media spending over 17% year-over-year. According to eMarketer, that spend number will be to the tune of $8.71B in 2016 alone. This aligns with our findings as 40% of the top ten desktop advertisers by impression volume for May were in the auto category. 

GM was the big leader on desktop, coming in as the number one display advertiser by impression volume for the month of May. Toyota followed at #4, trailed by Chevrolet Dealerships and Nissan rounding out the top ten. Overall, 51% of spend by the auto category on desktop was on direct buys, with 45% going to ad networks. Google AdX + AdSense was the top partner for the auto category on desktop, with 23% of the category’s spend share. CDK Digital Marketing was the second top desktop partner for the auto category, with 14% of spend.

 Source: Pathmatics US Desktop Data, 5/1/16-5/31/16.

FTD Companies, Inc. enters the top ten on desktop following Mother's Day campaigns

Mother’s Day is the top floral holiday of the year, so it’s no surprise that an online floral retailer would enter the top ten advertisers on desktop. FTD Companies, Inc. ramped up spend in May leading up to the big holiday, releasing 243 unique desktop creatives during the month, across an average of 65 sites per day. May 5th was the top spending day during the month for the gifting company, and after May 6th (2 days prior to Mother’s Day), spend began to drop off.

100% of FTD Companies’ spend was on direct buys in May, targeting top sites yahoo.com and msn.com. Yahoo.com received the lion’s share of FTD’s spend, at 75% and accounted for 74% of the brand’s site impression share.

ftd.pngSource: Pathmatics US Desktop Data, 5/1/16-5/31/16.  


General Mills ranks as top video advertiser by impression volume

General Mills has been on the rise atop the video advertiser rankings, by impression volume, coming in at #3 for the month of April, and surging to the top position in May. The mega food & drink producer released 50 unique video creatives for the month, across an average of 15 sites per day. Top creatives featured brands Old El Paso, Cheerios, and Yoplait, with a heavy concentration of new Old El Paso creatives. General Mills ran 100% of their video spend through Amazon’s ad network during the month, with amazon.com as the primary site target. 89% of their site spend share was on amazon.com which equated to 93% of their total impressions. Imdb.com was the second top site for General Mills, with 9% of the brand’s spend share.  

Source: Pathmatics US Data, 5/1/16-5/31/16. *By impression volume.

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