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Data Intelligence Platform for Advertisers: Learning Pathmatics

March 14 2018 by Jordan Kramer
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When using a digital intelligence solution to navigate the murky advertising landscape, we know there is a lot of data to sort through. Pathmatics tracks the ad strategies and moves of nearly 76K advertisers, in addition to providing insights on over 10K publishers - all in the US alone. We empower our customers to make the most out of our data in order to make actionable decisions in their day-to-day media buying and selling roles.
Here’s an overview of how to get the most out of Pathmatics so you can extract the biggest ROI from your data intelligence platform.

Where to Start?

Of course you can explore individual advertisers by device-type to see what campaigns they’re running, how they are buying, and the sites being targeted, but where should you start?
This post walks you through 5 quick steps to get set up for success. From following advertiser activity to browsing category data, and pulling advertiser comparison reports - this will help you hit the ground running.
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Meet Your Dashboard

When you first login to Pathmatics, you are greeted by your custom data analytics dashboard. This is your inside look at any advertiser, site, or service that you are tracking across device-types - and also serves as the basis for your email alerts. Did your competitor launch a new mobile campaign yesterday? See that activity in your dashboard, along with the creatives released and the accompanying impression spike. 
Make monitoring your category and competitors easier by following the brands you need to keep an eye on. Three ways to get your dashboard customized exactly how you want it are outlined here.
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Building Effective Reports

All of the data in Pathmatics is available to export into an excel file, infographic, or powerpoint presentation making it seamless to extract what you need. Choose if you want a brand’s display spend broken out by day, month, or year and even export your top sites by spend with paths. 
Ad path data enables you to see the route in which a creative took, from publisher to advertiser, so you can identify the hands and companies it passed through. This allows you to quickly audit ad buys that went through several intermediaries before hitting a target site, thus wasting your precious budget in the process. 
Read more report building options here.

Use the Pathmatics Chrome Extension

You’re constantly working on uncovering new site opportunities for your brand or client. There’s also a good chance you’re constantly online. When browsing the internet, keep the Pathmatics Chrome Extension handy so you can instantly uncover activity on how a sites is selling. 
Say you’re promoting a beauty brand and find yourself on Elle.com (Hearst Digital), simply click the extension icon and you’ll instantly see an overview of how Elle is selling digital impressions - plus, the top advertisers by the site. Want more info? Click through to a full report on the site’s activity over the last thirty days.
On the flip side, if you find yourself on a competitors’ site (because let’s face it, we all stalk our competitors’ sites), then the extension will show you advertiser data on that brand’s ad buying and site strategy.
For more information on using the Pathmatics Chrome Extension, click here.

Mock Up Your Ads Sans Photoshop

Envision exactly what your creative will look like on a site with the Pathmatics AdMocker. This quick and easy - not to mention free - tool allows you to put together ad mock-ups in minutes for presenting and pitching.
Head over here for a rundown of the three easy steps to go from idea to mock-up.

Client Services At The Ready

As always, our Client Services team is readily available to assist with any of your needs. From pulling specific data points, to understanding the depth and breadth of all that Pathmatics data intelligence platform has to offer, our team full of industry veterans here for you. Contact your dedicated Client Services representative with any questions, or reach out to us here.

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About Author
Jordan Kramer

An out-of-the-box thinker with a love for disruptive ideas, Jordan's background spans PR and events for the wedding & hospitality industry in Los Angeles and Scottsdale and also launching one of America's most unique food trucks. She jumped from the food start-up scene to the tech start-up scene in 2013 to join one of the most unique companies in ad tech. Jordan is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

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