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Best Landing Page Design: Our Top 3 Favorites & Why We Love Them

June 29 2016 by Jordan Kramer

Top spenders in the paid advertising space, across industries from financial services to travel, spend millions of dollars on paid digital ads every month to attract, engage and convert prospects. From June 2015 to May 2016, Capital One Financial group alone spent an estimated $163 million on desktop, according to Pathmatics data. Verizon and Proctor & Gamble trailed close behind.

But where do the top spenders’ ads take users? Are these ads worth all of the money they’re dishing out?

We took a look at some of the highest spenders in the past year across the top ten industries, in search of the best landing page designs. While some of ads led directly to product pages, we were more interested in the landing pages that made us want to pull out our wallets and spend. Here are the three best landing page design examples that made us jealous we didn’t think of them ourselves.

1. Airbnb Top Landing Page  



Airbnb spent more than $5 million in paid advertising on desktop from June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016 and received approximately 1.2 billion impressions in return. We followed the ad paths for several Airbnb ads, but fell in love with their hosting landing page. Beautiful, personable and simplistic, this landing page has one simple CTA throughout: “Sign up to host.” It’s as easy as that.

Airbnb’s landing page includes a geo-targeted message right above the fold. It pulls up the user’s current location, and it displays the weekly average rate for a host in that area. As a host, your estimated ROI is clearly displayed. All you have to do is sign up to start making money. Hard to say no, huh?

Add in the simple guide with three steps to hosting an Airbnb guest below the fold, and getting started couldn’t be easier. 


Want to see more from Airbnb? Below are just a few of their highest spend creatives, according to Pathmatics.

Airbnb-top-creatives.png Airbnbcreative-Popup.png

2. Adobe Top Landing Page


Does that little guy in the background catch your attention? If not, what if we told you it was a video of meerkats? Just hanging out, being meerkats and making you want free Adobe Stock images.

This landing page pulls up a variety of different nature scenes to entice users to learn more. Or, if you’d rather see examples of the actual free photos you’d be getting, all you have to do is scroll below the fold, and there they are.


Adobe’s landing page makes an enticing limited time offer for its stock photo service with a simple CTA: “Start now.” If you’re not ready, you can fill in the search bar below to view example images and videos, all with a prominent CTA button on the results page. 

This landing page also highlights the moderately priced plan and makes it easier for the user to make a selection. This is a tried-and-true conversion optimization trick. We’re glad to see the third-largest spender in the software category, at more than $15 million last year, is directing clicks to an intentional, well-designed landing page.


As a bonus, we thought we’d share below what Adobe’s been up to on the paid ad creative side to draw an audience to its landing pages.


3. Progressive Top Landing Page 


Progressive is among the digital ad spend giants within financial services, the highest spending sector in digital advertising. At number five in its industry, Progressive spent an estimated $48 million on paid advertising on desktop from June 2015 to May 2016 alone. 

And when it comes to landing pages, Progressive keeps it straightforward. 

Take a look at this landing page, where the user is only asked to fill in his or her zip code and type of insurance needed to get a quote. It’s easy to understand, with clear language about benefits consumers will receive upon converting. This landing page knows it has one job, and it does that one job well.

Want to see the ads that are bringing users to Progressive’s landing page in the first place? Below are just a few samples of the company’s top ad creatives. (No surprise here—looks like Flo’s behind all of them.)


To see even more ad intelligence on top financial services companies, download our free report on Top Q2 2016 Financial Services Advertisers



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