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Pathmatics Celebrates 10 Years of Bringing Transparency to Digital Advertising

March 08 2021 by William Merchan

As we officially celebrate one full year of working from home--during a world-wide pandemic--we can also officially state that it's been a lemon of a year. But you already knew that. You might not know, however, that Pathmatics has an another, equally monumental anniversary to celebrate this month.

March marks 10 years as a full-fledged incorporation, thanks to our fearless leaders Gabe and Tom, who joined forces in 2011. Back in those days, Explorer was called AdRoutes, and Pathmatics was called Yieldmetrics...until 2013, when the name changed to Adomic...until 2015, when the name changed again (for the better, we think). 


Watch as some of our earliest employees look back on 10 years of Pathmatics Magic

As you can see, we've accomplished a lot over the past 10 years, bringing you a first-ever look at social ad intelligence for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, expanded geos as we work toward worldwide digital advertising coverage, and, most recently, a new taxonomy to bring even deeper insights to brands and agencies around the globe.

But of course, we've hit other milestones too. We've listed them here, in reverse order of importance πŸ˜‰.

10 year stats

Patents held: 7

Advertisers mapped: 180,947

Sites tracked: 22,828

Impressions estimated: 69 trillion

Creatives captured: 158.4 million

Trees planted via our opt in panelists: 147,873

LA offices in the same three block radius: 3 

Trips Tom took to the coffee machine for a refill: 7,830   

Fresh cups of coffee left at the coffee machine: 1,174 

Mario Kart wins by Gabe: 64 

We couldn't have done any of this without the vision of our fearless leaders, Gabe (CEO) and Tom (CTO), who together have built our team into something we can all truly be proud of. And speaking of the team, all of this could not be possible without our hard-working, data-loving, smart, and dedicated team. 

So with that, let's raise a glass of lemonade (spiked, if you wish), to 10 years down and many 10's of years more to go. Cheers, Pathmatics!

Click the image below for an interactive history of Pathmatics throughout our first 10 yearsClick me for a full history!

About Author
William Merchan

William Merchan is a data science, marketing analytics, advertising technology and startup veteran. He currently serves as chief revenue officer at marketing intelligence company Pathmatics, where he is responsible for brand growth and awareness. Previously, William built products and grew teams at DataScience.com, MarketShare and Yahoo!. He holds a BS in Business from the University of California Berkeley and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern.

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