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Pathmatics Launches Advanced Retail Taxonomy

July 12 2022 by Pam Gutierrez

Since January of 2022, brands and advertisers in the Retail category have spent nearly $3 billion on digital advertising in the United States, Pathmatics data shows. With a major shift to digital in the last few years, it has become increasingly important for retailers to meet consumers where they are — on digital channels. To that point, we’re excited to share the updated Retail taxonomy in Pathmatics, and you can see the data in action in the video below. 

As a part of our ongoing deeper Taxonomy project, today’s Retail Taxonomy enhancement breaks down the vast retail advertising landscape into a host of sub-categories within Retail including Apparel, Beauty, Office Supplies & Consumer Electronics, Sports & Outdoors, and Coupons & Rebates.

Pathmatics’ Retail taxonomy reports the deepest category that applies to all of the items in a single creative. In the Browse by Category pop-up under Retail, Pathmatics will bring up each category and related sub-categories sorted by advertising spend.

In the table snapshot below, you can find the Top Advertisers and Brands for the Golf Apparel sub-category, including Nike Golf Apparel, Ghost Golf, and more. From here, there is an option to compare the top 5 brands or quickly glance at the top 10 brands, ad spend, and impressions. 

For even deeper insights into how these Retail advertisers and brands are spending on digital channels, scroll down to Device Breakdown where the donut chart illustrates monthly spend share for each device. 

What’s Next?

With the improved Retail taxonomy update, Pathmatics can help you better assess competitor comparisons in eleven different regions. To see more Retail data in action, reach out to our team and set up a demo.

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