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Q2's Top Digital Advertisers

August 02 2016 by Jordan Kramer



As the gentle Spring breeze has begun to give way to the scorching Summer sun, so did several advertisers who heated up during the second quarter of this year, leading into the Summer months. FTD Companies, a top advertiser during the month of May, carried their Mother’s Day momentum into the Q2, ranking as a top direct advertiser on desktop. The giant floral company was not alone, as the auto category continues it's hot-streak across devices, led by General Motors and Chevrolet. 
We’ve been talking a lot about programmatic lately and the quality of programmatic placements; however, direct deals continue to lead across channels by dollar amount. Conversely, direct does not lead by impression volume, so the question still remains if brands are getting the most bang for their buck? Download our entire Q2 Top Digital Advertisers report to stay ahead of the competition leading into the Fall.

FTD Companies Carries Mother’s Day Momentum

Following a huge Mother’s Day push, the massive floral company ranked as the fifth top direct desktop advertiser for the quarter. 98% of their $12M+ desktop spend was on direct deals, releasing 548 unique creatives between April and June. FTD began a large ramp-up on April 28th, peaking on May 5th - three days prior to Mother’s Day.
Source: Pathmatics US Desktop Data, 4/1/16-6/30/16.
Yahoo.com was the top site overall for FTD, gathering 70% of the brand’s spend throughout the quarter. Yahoo homepage placements coordinated nicely with trending Mother’s Day Gifts content:
Source: Pathmatics US Desktop Data, 4/1/16-6/30/16.

General Motors Heats Up Desktop

Toyota fell out of the top desktop rankings compared to Q1, letting GM and Chevy roll in to help preserve Auto as the top category. Ranking second overall on desktop, falling short to longtime incumbent Capital One Financial Corporation, the auto manufacturer spent nearly $18M on desktop during Q2, with 94% going through the Quantcast Ad Network. 
Yahoo.com was the top site for General Motors by impression volume, but represented only 4% of the brand’s desktop site impression share. GM advertised on  an average of 1,367 sites per day and was a poster child for programmatic, long-tail advertising.
Source: Pathmatics US Desktop Data, 4/1/16-6/30/16.

Direct Still The Primary Buying Method

Direct deals are still collecting the lions share of money in the digital advertising ecosystem today, even though it represents a much lower impression share. It’s no secret that direct deals have historically been more trusted than using outside partners, but the lead is still huge. Direct deals accounted for 71% of the spend on desktop (of the top 500 advertisers), 64% on mobile+tablet and 73% on video. When looking at how the spend and impressions compare, the numbers flip flop and programmatic has a much greater share of impressions. Pathmatics CEO Gabe Gottlieb presented on the topic of programmatic quality at MediaPost’s recent OMMA conference, as well as if brands are getting the most out of their dollar from direct deals. Will buyers start allocating more dollars to automated buying channels as the quality rises?
Take a look below at how the spend share and impression share compare:
*By impression volume. **All trademarks & copyrights property of their respective owners.

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