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Resetting 2020 Media Plans: Pathmatics sees Highest engagement and largest amount of data downloaded on Pathmatics Explorer

April 06 2020 by Nathan Faulkner

Over the last several weeks, we have seen 87% of the United States population under some sort of “safer at home” order from their local or state government. Everyone’s daily habits have shifted very quickly over a relative short period of time.

Media habits have shifted in the weeks since people began social distancing.  Screen times on mobile phones have gone through the roof according to this Washington Post Article , and people are spending more time watching TV or streaming on their favorite streaming platforms, says  Vartiey.

Over the last two weeks the Pathmatics team has seen the HIGHEST engagement, time spent, and largest amount of data downloaded from Pathmatics Explorer from our clients in history. 

Pathmatics Explorer usage stats

Why the traffic spike? Brands and agencies are doing what they call a “reset” on their 2020 media plans.  Organizations are quickly trying to answer the following: 

  •     Who is now doing the advertising? Who are they targeting?
  •     What are the brands current messaging and ad type? What type of digital and social media channels are brands executing on?
  •     When are the brands doing the advertising? When will brands start getting back to normal digital advertising behavior?
  •     Which brands are winning and losing share of voice? And on which channels?
  •     Are brands investing more on social? less?
  •     How much are brands investing in video, and how often?

"In the past 2 weeks we have seen usage skyrocket to the highest levels we’ve seen in the past 6 months, as our customers turn to Pathmatics to help shape their digital strategies and see what their peers are doing in these uncertain times."

-Greg Rosen, VP of Product

The future of digital advertising

As marketers work with their internal and agency teams to determine how to shift their messaging and budgets, social media might yet again be one of digital channels where we see brands start to test their new campaigns and messaging. In a recent eMarketer article and survey more than half (55%) of US adults are getting at least some information about the coronavirus on social media.

We’ve seen these shifts begin already, with advertisers across industries beginning to test new campaigns. In fact, we’re seeing changes happen so quickly that we’ve worked across teams here at Pathmatics to launch our COVID-19 Insights initiative, bringing Pathmatics Explorer users an even easier way to get real-time insights within our platform. 

If you don’t yet have access to Explorer,  follow us on Twitter to get access to these insights as we see them. 

We’re all in this together. 

In times of uncertainty, having a full-scope view of your business is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s must. Not an Explorer user, but want to know more about COVID-19 and how digital advertising intelligence can help reset your 2020 media plan? Request a custom insights report.

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Nathan Faulkner

Director of Sales @ Pathmatics. Nathan has 16+ years experience working in AdTech and Market Research Tech industries, helping Top Fortune 500 brands, top media holding companies, agencies, publishers, tech, and content companies. A native of Chicago, IL, Nathan works out of our Santa Monica, CA office

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