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Competitive Market Intelligence Software: The Case for Investing

June 12 2018 by Ken Roberts
Pathmatics Dashboard
Pathmatics Dashboard

Pathmatics Dashboard

We’ll come right out and say it:

We’re making the case that you should buy competitive market intelligence software. We sell ad intelligence software, so we’re not going to pretend we’re impartial. Or trick you into reading an “unbiased” argument for ad intelligence software.

We’re really, really biased towards ad intelligence software. So biased that we’ve spent 8+ years to build the best ad intelligence software available today. We know ad intelligence software like ours can supercharge your paid advertising.

That’s why we don’t need tricks or gimmicks or subterfuge to make the case.

All we have are facts.

And the fact is, ad intelligence software will make you a whole lot of money.

Here’s why.

1. It saves you money. Period.

Right now, how do you determine where to allocate ad budget?

If you’re doing it through trial and error, you’re wasting money, plain and simple. Effective digital advertising requires testing and experimentation, no doubt. But you don’t have to just throw money at campaigns to determine what works.

Competitive market intelligence software shows you where other brands spend their money. It shows you where your brand gets the most impressions for your spend. And it breaks down exactly how much everyone is spending.

You don’t have to spend a dime beyond the cost of the software itself to access this information. You don’t have to run tons of ads and spend money on unprofitable campaigns just to figure out your strategy. 

The data is all at your fingertips before you start spending.

That means your ad strategy is backed by data before you even begin. Which means your dollars go further from the start.

2. It gets you more ROI for your current spend.

It’s not just about having more insight into how to spend. Ad intelligence software can get more out of your current budget, even if you don’t change your strategy.

The software shows you exactly what paths your ads take from purchase to placement. (At least, Pathmatics does.) It shows you every stage of that journey. That means you see exactly who's involved in the purchasing and placement process. 

We all know the ad industry has a major efficiency problem. Procter & Gamble CMO Mark Pritchard told a crowd that there’s at least 20-30% waste in the media supply chain.

How much of your budget is being spent on inefficient ad purchasing and placement? How much is being siphoned off by unnecessary middlemen?

The software shows you how to make your actual ad placements more efficient.

3. It highlights more lucrative opportunities.

This isn’t just about saving money. Or getting more for your money. It’s about growth. Ad intelligence software finds lucrative opportunities you wouldn’t find on your own.

It shows you, in real time, exactly what the competition is doing. It shows you how they spend. It displays what creatives they run and where they’re running them. And it lists how many impressions they’re getting across desktop, mobile, video, and social.

When you pay for ad intelligence, you pay for a lifetime look at the opposition’s playbook. In any other scenario, you'd assign a team to gather this intel.

Except the competitive market intelligence software shows you what they’re actually doing, not what you think they’re doing. And it shows you all of it, not just whatever your overworked team can dig up at a moment’s notice.

Now, we think that will make you a boatload of dollars. And it certainly makes a lot of sense.

Try out Pathmatics today to see for yourself.

About Author
Ken Roberts

Ken Roberts has been immersed in marketing and technology for over a decade, merging creative strategies with the latest technology, to bring products together with the people who need them. With degrees in Engineering, Computer Science and an MBA, Ken’s background in product management, marketing, sales, analytics and technology lends to his ability to attack product challenges on multiple levels. Ken began his career developing software solutions for medical records before transitioning to marketing. Ken focused on building marketing departments and operating in-house agencies. Ken’s experience with digital platforms, internet based marketing, lead scoring and business intelligence, and reporting, as well as a keen market understanding, are a welcome addition to Pathmatics, only matched by a leadership philosophy that encourages high creativity and ownership from his team.

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