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The Top Ad Types Used By Credit Reporting Companies

March 03 2017 by Jordan Kramer
The Financial Services category is typically a front-runner on digital in terms of spend. The enormous category encompasses everything from insurance and banking, to tax filing software and credit score monitoring. The niche verticals within the behemoth category represent individually competitive marketplaces, with every brand involved fighting for a piece of the revenue pie. As more and more consumers are managing their finances online, digital advertising has become a critical channel for brands to invest in.
Credit reporting companies, such as TransUnion, shell out serious digital ad dollars every year in an attempt to get your attention. Chances are, after filling out your credit information once, you will use that service again instead of repeating the process. As the credit reporting vertical gears up for their next big wave of spending - usually late Spring to early Summer - let’s take a look at the most popular ad types used by the top credit reporting companies. Here is a peak into the digital strategies of Credit Karma, Equifax, Experian Consumer Services, and TransUnion for 2016.

Credit Karma

The most common ad type used by Credit Karma in 2016 was the HTML5 standard display creative 728x90. Seventeen percent of the brand’s spend went towards this ad type, and the format represented over 28% of the unique display creatives released by the brand last year. The largest investment went to desktop 970x250 HTML5 creatives, consuming over 39% of the brand's digital budget but representing only 11% of the total creatives released.
Device Creative Type Size Number of Creatives Percent Total Spend Spend Share
Desktop HTML5 728x90 765 28.3% $1,248,325 16.5%
Desktop HTML5 300x250 723 26.7% $1,452,547 19.2%
Mobile HTML5 300x250 394 14.6% $74,570 1%
Desktop HTML5 970x250 295 10.9% $2,979,132 39.3%
Mobile HTML5 728x90 131 4.8% $29,011 .4%


Equifax preferred the Medium Rectangle 300x250 HTML5 display format in 2016, investing 35% of their total spend towards the ad type. The ad type also yielded over 718M impressions for the brand - 34% of the total brand’s total impressions for the year. The second top ad type investment for Equifax was the HTML5 standard display 728x90, with 23% of the brand’s ad spend. 
On mobile, the top ad type was also the 300x250 HTML5 creative representing 13% of all of the cross-channel creatives released, however the brand only spent 4% of their budget on this format.
Device Creative Type Size Number of Creatives Percent Total Spend Spend Share
Desktop HTML5 300x250 417 23.8% $2,350,689 35%
Desktop HTML5 728x90 402 22.9% $1,546,812 23%
Mobile HTML5 300x250 221 12.6% $264,473 3.9%
Desktop HTML5 160x600 185 10.6% $328,536 4.9%
Desktop HTML5 300x600 128 7.3% $315,752 4.7%


Also a fan of the Medium Rectangle 300x250 HTML5 display creative, Experian invested 9% of their digital budget towards this ad type. The brand advertised across desktop, mobile, and video throughout last year, releasing 45 different ad types in total. The second top ad type by spend was the standard 728x90 HTML5 display creative, with 7% spend share. Eleven percent of the creatives released were mobile 300x250 HTML5 ads, but the ad-type only represented just over one percent of the brand’s spend.
The largest investment was on the forty-five 640x360 video creatives that took 64% of the brand’s budget. Only 5% of the brand’s total creatives were this ad type, but it bought in the most impressions - and cost the most.
Device Creative Type Size Number of Creatives Percent Total Spend Spend Share
Desktop HTML5 300x250 126 15.2% $674,696 8.7%
Desktop HTML5 728x90 108 13% $544,486 7%
Mobile HTML5 300x250 87 10.5% $98,452 1.3%
Mobile HTML5 728x90 45 5.4% $44,072 .6%
Desktop Image 300x250 33 4% $293,350 3.8%


The top spender of the group dropped thirty percent of their 2016 digital budget on Medium Rectangle 300x250 HTML5 creatives. The ad type brought in over 1.6B impressions for the brand and represented 21% of the creatives released. Following in trend with the competition, the second top ad type for the brand was a banner desktop 728x90 HTML5 creative size consuming 21% of the TransUnion’s digital spend share.
Device Creative Type Size Number of Creatives Percent Total Spend Spend Share
Desktop HTML5 300x250 85 20.5% $4,931,624 31%
Desktop HTML5 728x90 64 15.4% $3,350,335 21%
Desktop HTML5 160x600 30 7.2% $915,700 5.7%
Desktop Image 300x250 29 7% $2,718,003 17.1%
Desktop Image 160x600 21 5.1% $386,427 2.4%

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Source: Pathmatics US Desktop, Mobile, and Video Data, January 1st, 2016 - December 31st, 2016.

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