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The Top Display and Mobile Ad Networks in Q2

August 25 2017 by Jordan Kramer

During Q2, over $2.7B was spent by the top 500 advertisers across desktop, mobile, and video. On desktop, direct buys fueled the majority of ad spend, but ad networks took in thirteen percent of spend and delivered 38% of display impressions. On mobile, ad networks represented fifteen percent of the total spend share for the top 500 advertisers and were responsible for 40% of mobile impressions.

Which ad networks raked in the most money and fueled the most digital impressions during Q2? 

What is an ad network?

For each ad impression, we credit an Ad Network with the sale when it is the entity in the last position In the ad path before the advertiser or the DSP. The Ad Network may have sourced the impression from an exchange or SSP. 

For example:
espn.com → DFP → Rubicon Project → Dstillery (formerly Media6Degrees) → DFA → DirecTV 

*In this ad path, DirecTV, through DFA, buys inventory from the ad network Dstillery.  Since Dstillery is last in the ad path before the advertiser we give seller credit to Dstillery.


The Top Ad Networks

Here’s a look at the top ten ad networks for display and mobile by advertiser spend during the second quarter, along with impression data. 

Top Display Ad Networks

Rank Ad Network Q2 Spend Q2 Impressions Q1 Rank
1 Google AdX + AdSense $201,000,000 61,071,343,207 1
2 Amazon $67,800,000 28,233,003,906 2
3 AdRoll $31,400,000 10,289,394,955 3
4 Criteo $27,900,000 8,995,181,890 4
5 Advertising.com $17,000,000 5,540,445,857 5
6 Infectious Media $8,109,069 2,265,532,017 7
7 Yahoo! Advertising $7,986,279 3,060,212,908 8
8 Exponential
(Tribal Fusion)
$6,886,111 2,480,356,334 6
9 Centro $6,445,656 2,028,564,691 12
10 CDK Digital Marketing 5,837,183 1,830,226,381 19


Top Mobile Ad Networks

Rank Ad Network Q2 Spend Q2 Impressions Q1 Rank
1 Google AdX + AdSense $24,300,000 9,406,011,859 1
2 Amazon $15,900,000 11,894,698,867 2
3 AdRoll $7,033,434 2,878,287,719 3
4 Criteo $5,334,348 2,256,566,662 4
5 Advertising.com $3,386,875 1,484,683,032 5
6 Exponential 
(Tribal Fusion)
$1,101,269 500,581,860 6
7 Centro $1,078,910 428,706,280 10
8 Amobee $807,123 312,581,659 8
9 Adara Media $720,159 287,476,962 12
10 Yahoo! Advertising $715,141 325,335,241 13


Digital advertising intelligence software, like Pathmatics, gives you visibility not only into the top ad networks and demand partners, but also lets you see which advertisers and sites each service is working with.

What ad network do you give your ad dollars to? Do you have competitive information letting you know if that network is also working with your competitors?

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