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Top Cyber Monday Advertisers for 2014

December 09 2014 by Nirav Chatterji

Cyber Monday broke records this year with a 17% increase in online spending compared to last year bringing total online sales to just over 2B (comScore).  The top advertisers all fought for the valuable eyes...and dollars...of the digital world.  Below are the year's biggest winners, or you can download the list in its entirety here.



5.  Samsung

Previously unranked in our 2013 list, Samsung went mostly direct (80% of buys) for the e-commerce holiday.  Youtube.com, amazon.com, foxsports.com were the top targeted sites and 162 unique creatives were detected.

4.  Geoffrey, LLC (Toys"R"Us)

The parent company of the major toy retailer was also previously unranked for last year's list.  100 unique creatives were  seen throughout the weekend with one taking the #4 spot on our Top 10 Cyber Monday Creatives list.  With 98% of impressions coming from direct buys, yahoo.com, toysrus.com and ew.com were the retailer's top sites.

3.  Verizon

Dropping off the top of 2013's list, the telecom giant fell 2 spots to #3.  A combination of ad buy strategies was used with 73% of buys going through ad networks, 13% direct and 12% through DSP's.  A large number of creatives were released during the holiday weekend at 270 unique creatives.

2.  Ford Dealer Associations

Up 10 spots from 2013, Ford Dealer Associations was also the #4 advertiser on our Black Friday list this year.  The auto company started the holiday weekend with 99% of ad buys going direct, and then increased ad network spending lowering total direct spend to 72% by December 2nd.  123 unique creatives were seen with top sites being yahoo.com, msn.com, autotrader.com and aol.com.

1.  Best Buy

And the Cyber Monday top advertiser is Best Buy!  With a number of creatives appearing for just 24 hours to highlight Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials, 187 unique creatives in total were detected over the weekend - 2 of them making our top 10.  The retailer split ad buys between direct (52%) and ad networks (39%) with some DSP (7%) and SSP (2%) action.  Top sites for the top advertiser were aol.com, msn.com bestbuy.com, youtube.com and bleacherreport.com.

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Top Black Friday & Cyber Monday Advertisers including:

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