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Top Facebook Advertiser Report: Canada

May 10 2021 by Sam Gansline

In 2019, we expanded our coverage of Facebook advertising data to Canada. Through Pathmatics' expansion, marketers and brands with a presence in Canada have tapped into the country's digital ad landscape equipped with the knowledge to make more informed decisions about how they invest their advertising dollars.

As we close Q1 of 2021, we reviewed Canada's top five advertisers to identify their unique approaches to Facebook advertising and highlight any interesting targeting strategies, creative choices, and investment tactics.

In 2020, Canada's top advertising brands included Loblaw Ltd., TD Bank, Disney, Canadian Tire Corp., and the Government of Ontario. Only three months into 2021, the prior year's prime contenders lead out the gate (Loblaw Ltd. and the Government of Ontario) with new faces taking the other top spots in the first quarter, including Wix.com, the Government of Canada, and Scotiabank.

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 12.53.38 PM

To see the top advertisers for Q1 2021, including spend, creative, and messaging analysis, read the full Q1 2021 Facebook Canada report

About Author
Sam Gansline

A lover of fresh air, live music, sport & high performing teams. After the University of Colorado @ Boulder, Sam began his career improving the relationship between major digital advertisers & independent publishers. Currently Sam leads the Operations and Sales Development teams @ Pathmatics with a focus on pipeline growth, process optimization & market strategy.

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