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Top Facebook Advertiser Report: France

May 13 2021 by Sam Gansline

Quarter 1 of 2021 brought in many surprises throughout France, and advertising was not an exception. Looking back on Q1, it is evident that there is a balance among rising companies, including advertising support, retail, family service, and SAAS.

Facebook users throughout France have experienced substantial exposure across a variety of industries and through different methods. Video, status posts, and spending habits have shaped the user and advertiser experience throughout the beginning of 2021. Without a doubt, these are the signs of upcoming changes and trends in Facebook marketing!

Top advertisers France

To see an analysis of the top advertisers for Q1 2021, including spend, creative, and messaging analysis, read the full Q1 2021 Facebook France report

About Author
Sam Gansline

A lover of fresh air, live music, sport & high performing teams. After the University of Colorado @ Boulder, Sam began his career improving the relationship between major digital advertisers & independent publishers. Currently Sam leads the Operations and Sales Development teams @ Pathmatics with a focus on pipeline growth, process optimization & market strategy.

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Job Networking Sites and Their Ad Strategies
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