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May 18 2022 by

CPG Report: Digital Trends from Covid to Confections

By: Matthew Bozin

   September 21, 2021

Top Dating Apps Favor Facebook, Instagram, and Hulu

By: Sarah Fleishman

   September 02, 2021

P&G comes out as the top CPG digital spender in January 

By: Sarah Fleishman

   February 22, 2021

How Much Do Your Competitors Spend on Instagram Advertising?

By: Sarah Fleishman

   January 28, 2021

The Best Social Media for Advertising: The 3 Most Popular Sites

By: Sarah Fleishman

   October 12, 2020

Education Ads: How Virtual Learning Platforms are Advertising

By: Sarah Fleishman

   September 28, 2020

Top 5 Instagram Advertisers of the Summer

By: Sarah Fleishman

   September 01, 2020

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