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Valentine's Day 2020: See's, Godiva, and Tiffany & Co

February 20 2020 by Nathan Faulkner
See's Candies Valentines Day Ad

For decades, marketers have focused their advertising strategies around yearly events on the calendar that matter for consumers. Whether it’s holiday shopping, back to school, or Mother’s Day, each industry has certain times marked on calendar that are important to their success for the year. And while a bad advertising campaign and strategy can miss the mark (and have major effect on the success of the brand for year), a great advertising campaign and strategy can be as effective as Cupid’s arrow.

And speaking of Cupid—we took a look at the ads released for Valentine’s Day 2020 to bring to attention some of the most interesting trends in digital for this heart-filled holiday.  While many categories and brands are top of mind when it comes to Valentine’s Day, we will be focusing on these two categories: Chocolate and Jewelry.  

Leaders in Chocolate go Head to Head

Chocolate is a given during Valentine’s Day, but have you ever thought about how major chocolate brands battle it out on digital?  This year we looked at traditional Valentine's Day leaders Lindt & Sprungli, Godiva, and See’s Candies.


Spend difference from 2019 – 2020 by %





See's Candies


What we didn’t expect was that in 2020, Lindt, a longtime leader in the chocolate space, actually decreased their spend from 2019 by about 25%, leaving the door wide open for Godiva and See’s Candies, who both increased spend.

Also somewhat unexpected? Of the three brands, See’s was the only one with a clear Valentine’s Day campaign (the others had a post here and there, while See’s released a slew of unique creatives for the holiday. See’s also invested 46% of their budget on desktop video YTD, compared to Godiva’s 11%. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?


Top Jewelry Brands fight for digital share

 Is it better to target women or men when it comes to jewelry? Turns out, it depends who you ask, as two top brands in this category have two very different approaches. Tiffany & Co. and Signet Jewelers (owner of Zales, Helzberg Diamonds, and others) are some of the biggest companies when it comes to jewelry category, but have differing strategies when it comes to audience targeting, especially on Facebook.

Tiffany’s approach in both 2019 and 2020 was to target females with their Facebook buys. In both years Tiffany’s increased their ad spend in late January, with the peak of ads occurring in the last week of the month. Signet began increasing ads about one week earlier on 1/15, but spend didn’t really spike until much later – on 2/10.

In 2020, Tiffany’s continued with their strategy over indexing on females. YTD, the company targeted females in about a 60/40 split—though in the week just before Valentine’s Day, this split evens to close to 50/50 (still skewing slightly female, though), possibly to take advantage of those searching for last minute gift ideas.

Signet has a different approach. Right at the beginning of the new year, Explorer shows Signet over indexing on the male Facebook audience, again with about a 60/40 split. Unlike Tiffany’s, Signet stays true to their strategy leading into the Valentine’s Day holiday, continuing to target  the male demographic with their ads.

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