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[Video] We analyzed the top brands at the Forbes CMO Summit. Here's what we found

December 11 2018 by Sarah Fleishman

The Forbes CMO Summit hosts some of the largest brands in the nation for two days of thought-leadership and idea-sharing. 

At the summit, our CEO & Co-Founder Gabe Gottlieb had the chance to analyze the advertising strategies of these top brands, using data from Pathmatics Explorer to showcase advertising trends 

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 11.47.11 AM

and share insights about the strategies being employed by the brands in attendance at the event. 

In the presentation, we analyze over 40 top brands to look at their spend, impressions, creatives, scroll depth, fake news presence, and more, across 6 channels including social, native, display, mobile, and video. 

Missed the summit? Watch the video below to see the full presentation, or download the slides to dig into the data yourself. 

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Sarah Fleishman

With over a decade of experience across digital marketing, content, creative, and PR, Sarah is a creative and dynamic thinker who loves to delight clients with unique and relatable content. Sarah graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Sociology.

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