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What Ads Are Republicans Running Against Hillary Clinton? Find Out Here.

September 26 2016 by Jordan Kramer

DonaldJ.TrumpforPresidentInc._Creative_Desktop_1.jpegAlthough Hillary Clinton has run a number of digital ads aimed at Donald Trump, his campaign is not losing steam or slowing down anytime soon. On digital, Trump is outspending his Democratic opponent - by over a million dollars - across desktop, mobile, and video, during the month of August alone. This is a stark contrast to the digital rankings in July that had Clinton outspending Trump by almost $4 million across all three channels. From July to August, Clinton’s campaign has relatively reeled back on digital, while making room for a huge television push - outspending her competitor on TV by 53 times in just Florida leading up to Election Day.

The Washington Post recently published a great analysis of both Presidential candidates' campaigns and digital strategies using Pathmatics Data. We are going to take a look at Trump’s recent digital ramp-up and the specific opposition campaigns that Donald Trump is running against Hillary Clinton.

Editor’s Note:to see the democratic ads targeted towards Trump, click here.

Trump Isn’t Backing Down, Shifting Dollars to Digital

Since January 1st, Trump has spent over $6.8 million across desktop, mobile, and video garnering 1.6 billion impressions. Of that, 66% of digital spend was during the month of August, his biggest month yet. The candidate was relatively quiet for all of 2016 and recently kicked his digital campaign into gear. Year-to-date, Clinton’s spend is still over three times Trump’s spend on desktop, however you can see by the historical spend comparison graph below, Trump is just getting started. He began ramping up in August before making a huge push on August 31st to target AOL’s audience - his top site for the month. Aol.com received 41% of Trump’s desktop spend for the month, thought to be by some to be a last minute campaign push.



Pathmatics US Desktop Data (1/1/16-9/21/16)


Crooked Hillary

crooked_hillary_trump_creative.pngOne of Trump’s favorite nicknames for his opponent, the "Crooked Hillary" creatives began running in July. This creative touting that “Only Trump Can Stop Crooked Hillary” first ran on July 15th, 2016 and was last seen on August 25th, with a call-to-action to “Donate Now” on this landing page. The top sites for the 336x220 creative were the Conservative Tribune, Real Clear Politics, AddictingInfo.org, and Fox News.



Hillary Clinton is a National Security Risk



This campaign from Trump released on August 21st highlighted the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton and her email server. Two versions of the creative were tested featuring different colored “Donate Now” call-to-actions - one red, and one green - directing to this landing page. Another creative states “Classified Emails: 100, Top Secret Emails: 8.” All three of these display ads ran until August 31st, and only on breitbart.com and drudgereport.com.



Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Jail


Another campaign targeted at the email controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton urged potential supporters to “uphold the law.” This display creative had a flight date of August 20th and ran until September 1st on sites including rawstory.com, breitbart.com, juno.com, and realclearpolitics.com.

The landing page for this creative echoes Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” nickname and lists the “Crooked Hillary 10 Legendary Lies” in an attempt to gather more donations. A large image of Hillary at the top of the landing page is captioned with “She’s at it again, Spinning lies and weaving a tapestry of deceit that she hopes will cover the truth. Her despicable scandals and defenses place our country - and Americans like you - in jeopardy.” While most of Trump’s display creatives direct users to donation pages about himself, this is one of few landing pages that is all about Hillary.



Extremely Careless


Using a soundbite from a quote from from current FBI Director, James Comey, this campaign also touches on Clinton’s email controversy. The original quote from the FBI Director stated:

"Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

The “Extremely Careless” title of this creative depicts a photo of a seemingly uninterested Hillary Clinton with a goal to raise more campaign donations, and was run from August 20th-September 1st. Potential supporters on Raw Story, Breitbart, and Drude Report, amongst others, were directed to the same “Crooked Hillary” landing page above.


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