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Digital Ad Solutions: Why Not All Are Created Equal

May 04 2018 by Ken Roberts
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Not all digital ad solutions are created equal. So how do we know what tools to look for?

Advertisers and marketers rely on digital ad solutions to evaluate campaigns and plan for the future. Whether it’s benchmarking creatives or uncovering online ad paths, these solutions provide the data needed to adjust strategies in real-time and react to competitors.

In this post, we will explain why all digital advertising solutions are not the same and help you determine which tools you need to fuel your own digital strategy. 

Not Every Solution Tracks the Brands You Need It To    

What industry does your brand fall under? Are you a clothing retailer? Do you provide financial services? Some ad solutions only track specific industries and brands. When you’re deciding between ad intelligence solutions, ensure the platform you choose tracks the brands you need. 

Consider a solution that tracks thousands of brands, like Pathmatics. This way you can spy on your direct competitors, monitor emerging ones, and make strategic decisions based on these competitive insights. 

Not Every Digital Ad Solution Tracks the Same Channels

Another way ad intelligence solutions differ is through channel tracking. Some platforms might only track desktop, while others only track mobile. Others only track television advertising, while others track online advertising.

What channels does your brand use to reach consumers? If your answer is desktop, mobile, and social, then you might want to look into a platform that provides data for all the above.

Pathmatics, for example, supplies users with:

  • Desktop Display
  • Desktop Video
  • Mobile Display
  • Mobile Video
  • Social
  • Native

Don’t limit your brand with a solution that only covers one channel. Find an ad intelligence platform that analyzes all devices and formats and brings you the most current data.

Not Every Solution Provides Ad Paths

Does your ad intelligence solution allow you to see the paths your ads are taking to delivery? If you have suspicions about the world of online ad transparency, then you’ll want a solution with this feature. 

Not all ad intelligence platforms include features that allow users to see what routes their ads are taking to reach the consumers. Pathmatics’ AdRoutes extension shows you exactly what site your ads appear. For example, if I’m Pepsi, I can use ad routes to see where my ads appear, which buys are indirect, and where my indirect purchases are served. With one click, I can have complete visibility into the route my ads take. 

Not Every Solution Tracks Creative Data

Creative data is key to benchmarking your success. Some ad solutions limit data and only track total spend and impressions generated, while others have more detailed tracking, providing users with:

  • Dimensions and type of creative
  • The lifespan of the advertisement
  • Top sites where the creative appeared
  • The landing page for the ad
  • Performance trends 

Data on creatives allows you to uncover competitor messaging, highlight strategic priorities on where you can improve, and identify the top sites to reach your audience. 

Interested in finding out how Pathmatics can advance your ad strategy? Discover how our solution works here.
About Author
Ken Roberts

Ken Roberts has been immersed in marketing and technology for over a decade, merging creative strategies with the latest technology, to bring products together with the people who need them. With degrees in Engineering, Computer Science and an MBA, Ken’s background in product management, marketing, sales, analytics and technology lends to his ability to attack product challenges on multiple levels. Ken began his career developing software solutions for medical records before transitioning to marketing. Ken focused on building marketing departments and operating in-house agencies. Ken’s experience with digital platforms, internet based marketing, lead scoring and business intelligence, and reporting, as well as a keen market understanding, are a welcome addition to Pathmatics, only matched by a leadership philosophy that encourages high creativity and ownership from his team.

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