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BI Software for Advertisers: Why Professionals Need Ad Intelligence

May 11 2018 by Ken Roberts
Pathmatics digital ad intelligence
Pathmatics digital ad intelligence

Pathmatics digital ad intelligence

We’re confident that many advertising pros aren't using the BI software tools they should be.

Take ad intelligence solutions, for instance.

Ad intelligence solutions like Pathmatics show you exactly how thousands of brands advertise online.

(Though, we have to say none of them offer the combo of comprehensive data and ease of use that Pathmatics does.)

That’s all great, but how do we know advertisers aren’t using these tools effectively?

Well, they still have all the same problems a BI software tool like Pathmatics solves.

Take this study on programmatic advertising in central and eastern Europe. Both ad buyers and sellers say they fear showing up on undesirable sites and a lack of transparency. Buyers also struggle with having the right programmatic talent. And sellers have difficulty valuing impressions.

No matter where you advertise, I bet this sounds pretty familiar.

After all, most challenges faced by today’s advertisers deal with not having enough data, not having the right data, or not having the data at all.

No matter who you are, you should be using an ad intelligence solution to solve these challenges.

But too many advertising professionals aren’t.

And that’s a problem.

Here's why.

1. You might not be using the right data.

It’s not just about click through rates or conversions (although those are important).

Do you know exactly where your ads appear online? Do you know how much you spent and how many impressions those dollars bought you? Can you see how your spending breaks down by channel (desktop, mobile, video, etc.) and website?

These are all questions advertisers should be asking themselves. The right ad intelligence solution shows you all of this. It also shows you all this data for your competitors and thousands of other brands.

Is your ad strategy using this type of data? If not, you're not performing at the level you should.

2. You might not know where your ads are appearing.

Transparency is a huge problem faced by brands.

Companies are taking formal steps to institute “brand safety” guidelines or positions. They're trying to protect their brands from appearing on inappropriate or offensive websites. Platforms like YouTube aren’t doing enough, so brands are taking matters into their own hands.

One thing is clear: Platforms themselves are not coming to save brand equity.

Protecting your brand is much easier and cheaper with an ad intelligence solution. Pathmatics, for instance, can actually track the exact path an ad takes from purchase to placement. You can see what sites the ads end up on, too.

That means no more five-alarm fires when your brand appears next to offensive content.

3. You have no idea what your competition is up to.

We get it, it's all about your brand. But what about the other guy?

No, we're not advocating you sympathize with the competition.

We're talking about beating them.

Do you know how much they spend on ads? Do you know where they allocate budget? Do you know where they advertise?

These are all competitive intelligence questions a tool like Pathmatics can answer.

And with this data, you can research the competition’s ad strategy.

You can see what ads they run.

How much they spend.

Where they advertise.

It’s like being a kid in a candy shop.

And you can do it best with Pathmatics. Pathmatics is the only solution with this much data that is this easy to use. One customer, an executive at a top global agency, says:

“It’s just like another competitive analysis tool we use, only 100 times easier to use and with more features that we love.”

Try it out here today.

About Author
Ken Roberts

Ken Roberts has been immersed in marketing and technology for over a decade, merging creative strategies with the latest technology, to bring products together with the people who need them. With degrees in Engineering, Computer Science and an MBA, Ken’s background in product management, marketing, sales, analytics and technology lends to his ability to attack product challenges on multiple levels. Ken began his career developing software solutions for medical records before transitioning to marketing. Ken focused on building marketing departments and operating in-house agencies. Ken’s experience with digital platforms, internet based marketing, lead scoring and business intelligence, and reporting, as well as a keen market understanding, are a welcome addition to Pathmatics, only matched by a leadership philosophy that encourages high creativity and ownership from his team.

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