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5 APR 2018 - BuzzFeed News Secret Money From Robert Mercer Was Used To Run Ads Promoting Ted Cruz And Attacking Hillary Clinton 4 APR 2018 - AdAge Monday Wake-Up Call: Snapchat trolls Facebook. Plus, a big breach of credit card data 30 MAR 2018 - AdAge Brands Just Can't Seem to Quit Facebook 29 MAR 2018 - HuffPost News NRA Is Pulling In Big Bucks After The Parkland Mass Shooting 25 MAR 2018 - The Drum The NRA spent seven times more on Facebook ads following Parkland shooting 24 MAR 2018 - Gizmodo The NRA Quadrupled Its Digital Ad Budget After Parkland Killings, Flooding Facebook and YouTube 24 MAR 2018 - Aol NRA increased online ad spending sixfold after Parkland 24 MAR 2018 - New York Daily News NRA increased online ad spending sixfold in weeks after Parkland school shooting 24 MAR 2018 - The Hill NRA online ad spending increased sixfold after Parkland shooting: report 24 MAR 2018 - Fortune The NRA Massively Increased Online Advertising After the Parkland School Shooting 23 MAR 2018 - Chicago Tribune New data show the NRA increased online ad spending aggressively after Parkland shooting 31 JAN 2018 - AdExchanger For Kiehl's, More Data and More Business Hasn't Meant More Advertising 27 DEC 2017 - AdAge Google Home Vs. Amazon Echo: Who Won The Holiday Ad Push? 14 DEC 2017 - AdExchanger Publishers Reduce SSP Partners; Facebook Monetizes WhatsApp 13 DEC 2017 - Digiday 'More isn't always better': Publishers cut their SSPs by 20 percent this year 29 NOV 2017 - Mashable Google and YouTube are simply too big for advertisers to boycott 28 NOV 2017 - AdAge YouTube's New Ad Boycott Not Likely to Hurt Any More Than the Last 27 OCT 2017 - Digiday 'The tech is good enough': Why Amazon's DSP is becoming a rival to Google 10 OCT 2017 - NBC News Advertisers Getting Nervous About Their Marriage to Google, Facebook 9 OCT 2017 - Digiday After cutting back site list in March, JPMorgan Chase has doubled the number of sites it advertises on in the past six months 2 OCT 2017 - Digiday True to its word, P&G has slashed the number of sites it advertises on 20 JUN 2017 - The Wall Street Journal YouTube Wins Back Some Marketers After Ad Uproar, but Others Stay Away 14 JUN 2017 - Digiday How YouTube handled its brand-safety crisis 14 JUN 2017 - AdExchanger The Brands Are Back On YouTube; Amazon Launches A Self-Serve Audience Match Tool 13 JUN 2017 - Digiday 'More of a blip': Boycotting brands are back on YouTube 10 APR 2017 - Los Angeles Times The online ad industry is rallying to fight piracy, fraud, extremists and fake news. Does it stand a chance? 7 APR 2017 - Digiday In case you missed it: Advertisers aren't pulling out of YouTube just yet 3 APR 2017 - Digiday Big brand pullouts will have had limited impact on YouTube 16 MAR 2017 - Digiday More programmatic buyers are shunning Breitbart 2 MAR 2017 - Digiday Why brand pressure campaigns alone won't derail Breitbart 16 FEB 2017 - Digiday 'We go straight to the publisher': Buyers beware of SSPs arbitraging inventory 12 DEC 2016 - Digiday Google still fuels fake-news websites through its complex web 12 DEC 2016 - The Wall Street Journal CMO Today: Challenged Publishers Find Relief in Branded Content 5 DEC 2016 - Business Insider New: Big Data Analytics Trends 4 DEC 2016 - Business Insider Apple is spending far more than Samsung on digital ads 29 NOV 2016 - Los Angeles Times Pathmatics acquires WhatRunsWhere 28 NOV 2016 - Marketing Land Pathmatics acquires WhatRunsWhere 16 AUG 2016 - AdExchanger How Donald Trump The Politician Affects Trump The Business 27 APR 2016 - AdExchanger Engadget Uses Quality To Unlock Reader Growth 11 AUG 2015 - AdExchanger LittleThings Shares Plans For Big Advertisers
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