Use our marketing intelligence data to convert your lead lists from guesses to hyper-targeted sales plans. Quickly view ranking reports to understand who’s spending the most and know which competitors are focusing on your prospects in order to strengthen your sales pitches.

Targeted Lead Lists
Sales Efficiency
Close New Business Faster

Find the right prospects

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Convert your lead lists from guesses to hyper-targeted sales plans. In Pathmatics Explorer, quickly view ranking reports of top ad spenders to understand who’s spending the most and when. Compare advertisers by category, device, and even buying strategies (direct or programmatic). Easily export lead lists into excel for both your direct and programmatics sales teams.

“The Pathmatics Digital Ad Intel Platform is a great and user friendly tool that has helped our Sales Team to better understand the UK digital advertising market and to identify sales opportunities across key categories for Bloomberg Media..”

Phil Robinson, Head of Research and Insight EMEA, Bloomberg Media Group


“Insight into video habits and spend of prospects - what are they spending their money on and where are they spending it.”

G2 Crowd Reviewer

Expert Sales Pitches

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Timing is important in sales. With Pathmatics Explorer, quickly identify when to pursue advertisers in your lead list by comparing their spending habits over time. Know whether your prospects buy direct, programmatic, or both. And know which competitors are focusing on your prospects in order to strengthen your sales pitches. See your prospects’ spending seasonality and buying strategies, and your competitors’ customer lists in Pathmatics Explorer.

Great to use as a competitive intelligence ∓ prospecting tool.

Head of Global Advertising ∓ Product Development, top consumer site


I love the fact that you can find out in-depth spends from every brand- it helps build market knowledge and also prepare for pitches, you can see if a brand is spending on your competitor”…”Looking into spends across brands i am not working with and constructing a suitable argument based on pathmatics info

G2 Crowd Reviewer

Close more deals and grow more accounts

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Knowledge is power. The more you know about your prospects’ and clients’ creative and buying, your competitors’ strategies, and your own share of wallet, the more intelligently you can talk with them about their business. Learn your competitors’ customer list and leverage Pathmatics advertiser data to set yourself apart from the competition. Pitch your prospects and clients confidently by demonstrating thorough knowledge of their campaigns and tailoring your pitch to their needs.

We leveraged the Pathmatics reporting available through Winmo to help a client understand what their competitors were spending, as well as the digital creative being deployed. This helped them assess their creative and spend with new perspective. We secured a higher spend value from them as a result of their increased awareness of competitor activity.

Leland Morris, Director of Sales, YouConnex


Fantastic source of information on advertising spend and habits of our prospects and clients.

G2 Crowd Reviewer



  • Intuitive UI – save time pulling reports
  • Convenience – access the reports you need when you need them
  • No implementation – faster speed to value extraction
  • Easy onboarding – spend less time training your teams

Focus your sales efforts

  • Know who to target
  • Know who to prioritize
  • And know how to win their business

Win more business

  • Be a step ahead of your competition
  • Know your clients’ businesses better than they know it themselves

Customer Case Studies


Varick partnered with Pathmatics to drive new business growth and ROI for their business.

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