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Pathmatics helps answer questions for a wide range of users


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Sales Operations


Publishers rely on our digital ad intelligence tools to make better decisions throughout the sales & retention process

Find the RIGHT prospects

Prospecting made easy – quickly view ranking reports of top ad spenders to understand who’s spending the most and when.

Easily export lead lists into excel or your CRM system for your sales teams - converting your lead lists from guesses to hyper-targeted sales plans.

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“This helps you gain insight into the media mix of brands, and therefore providing you with an extra prospecting tool. I'm trying to learn more about brands so that I can identify leads. I've realized that this helps me find data and notice trends through the visuals. I appreciate that it's saved me so much time.”

Gustavo P.
Inside Sales

Prioritize leads & increase efficiency

Easily see when to pursue advertisers in your lead list by seeing their spending habits over time (e.g. seasonality).. Answer whether your prospects buy direct, programmatic, or both and gain visibility into your competitors’ customer lists.

Save time evaluating and go get new revenue!

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“The tool doesn’t help get the meeting, but gets the meeting with the right people. Teams are able to prioritize leads more effectively. The data impacts or indirectly sways how we approach client.”

Sales Operations Manager
social media platform

Tailor your pitch & win more business

Knowledge is power. The more you know about your prospects’ creative and buying strategies and your competitors’ strategies the more intelligently you can talk with prospects about their business.

Pitch your prospects and clients confidently by demonstrating thorough knowledge of their campaigns and tailoring your pitch to their needs.

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“Targeting new brands to approach as well as understanding how existing brands are using us in their media mix. Its also great for meeting prep as you can quickly build a picture of a brands activity, targeting, creative messaging etc. with one simple search.”

G2Crowd reviewer

Grow accounts & increase share of wallet

Size up your customers by understanding your share of wallet. With visibility into their creatives on other sites and platforms, either build on that strategy or unlock more value for your customer.

Know which competitors are focusing on your customers in order to strengthen your value proposition and retain their business.

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“Easy to use, navigate, and understand. The answers that I need are always only a few clicks / keystrokes away…Primarily helps us identify our direct competitors (aka who the advertiser is giving their money to instead of us).”

Andrew B.

Do it all FASTER

With daily updates build and prioritize lead lists and strengthen sales pitches with one-click exports of any insights within Explorer faster.

Understand the total addressable market at-a-glace. Prioritize and close deals faster. Stay ahead in the rapidly changing digital age.

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“I love the way Pathmatics breaks down Advertiser spend by channel, brand, site, etc. It helps on a macro scale understand how & where advertisers are spending on advertising….its seamless colorful display is vibrant and extremely user-friendly for beginners & experts”

Alex J.
Sales Operations Coordinator

Check out our products


For those who prefer to access their data from our award winning UI... Explorer is our digital ad intelligence platform


For those who need their data integrated with other platforms...Connect is our digital ad intelligence data feed


For those who need their data organized a bit differently... Custom is our tailored digital ad intelligence solution