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Patent-Pending Pathsource Technology

In addition to providing a competitive advantage for our clients, at Pathmatics we have a competitive advantage of our own: our Pathsource technology. This industry leading technology gives us a unique view into how each ad impression makes the journey from Publisher to Advertiser.

The Ad Serving Process

When a user visits a web page, they simply see their browser loading a number of advertisements. In fact, what happens behind the scenes is much more complicated: to load a single ad, the browser may contact as many as five or ten different parties. Each of these parties - ad servers, ad networks, ad exchanges, SSPs, DSPs, yield optimizers, data providers, etc. - is essentially invisible to the user, but plays a key role in delivering the ad to the user. Pathsource captures information on each of these parties, from publisher to advertiser, providing a more complete view of a site's advertising operations.
How Pathsource Works
Pathsource doesn't simply recognize the various participants in the ad serving process: it actually builds a hierarchy of services, identifying the specific "Paths" by which those services were included on the page.
These Paths provide valuable detail on the route by which an advertisement was delivered to the user. For example, they can help identify how inventory is being sold (e.g., whether an advertisement was served via reservation, a network, or an exchange) and how user data is being collected.

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