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2020 Digital Spending Update

July 01 2019 by Sarah Fleishman
digital spending update
digital spending update

Trump Bets on Online Spending;
Warren, Biden, Harris Top Democratic Spenders; 
Men Seeing More Online Presidential Ads

This post uses data from Pathmatics Explorer and was originally featured on Wesleyan Media Project's Website

(MIDDLETOWN, CT) June 6, 2019 – In this early part of the 2020 election season, Donald Trump has spent vastly more on digital ads than his Democratic rivals, according to an analysis by the Wesleyan Media Project. Since May of 2018, Trump’s campaign committee and his joint fundraising committee with the Republican National Committee have spent over $18 million on digital advertising on two of the largest digital platforms, Facebook and Google—almost ten times as much as his nearest Democratic competitor, Elizabeth Warren (Table 1).

“President Trump has spent more than all of the other candidates in the race combined. And he has vastly outspent Democrats on both platforms, Google and Facebook,” said Travis Ridout, co-director of the Wesleyan Media Project.

In one sense, the digital ad spending of some of the Democratic contestants is understated because many spent heavily on Senate runs in 2018, and their presidential spending did not begin until launching their presidential campaigns. This is true for Warren, Harris, Sanders, O’Rourke, Klobuchar and Gillibrand. Trump, in contrast, has spent money on digital ads touting his presidency and setting up his re-election campaign throughout 2018 and 2019.

One of the largest digital spenders in 2018, Beto O’Rourke, who spent $10 million on Facebook and Google in his run for the U.S. Senate, has spent very little by comparison on his presidential run—just a little over $1 million since launching his campaign in March.

Table 1: Facebook and Google Ad Spending by Campaign

Political Spend Breakdown


Gender disparity in who is seeing campaign ads suggests campaigns may primarily be targeting men

By and large, men are seeing more ads in their Facebook newsfeeds from presidential candidates than women are (see Table 2), according to estimates from Pathmatics, a market intelligence firm. The company tracks paid advertising in desktop, tablet and mobile Facebook newsfeeds of their opt-in panel, which consists of hundreds of thousands of users who reflect the diversity of active Facebook users, and the gender information is derived from the types of ads delivered to each individual. At the top of the list is John Delaney, for whom 77 percent of ads were seen by men. Men were also at least 70 percent of the audience for ads sponsored by Tim Ryan, Howard Schultz, Michael Bennet and Donald Trump. Kirsten Gillibrand was the only candidate whose ads were seen more by women than men (51 to 49 percent).

“Targeting information is not available from Facebook, but we can gain insight on targeting by examining information on impressions, or who is seeing the ads. The lopsided viewership of online ads by men may reflect that candidates, at this early stage in the campaign, are running a lot of ads aimed at fundraising as men typically make more political donations than women,” said Erika Franklin Fowler, co-director of the Wesleyan Media Project.

For example, the Center for Responsive Politics reports that in 2018 men accounted for 62 percent of federal donations (to candidates, parties, or PACs) over $200 and 70 percent of total dollars (of donations exceeding $200).

Table 2: Percentage of Campaign Ads Seen by Men

Political Campaigns Seen By Men
For more information, checkout the original story from Wesleyan Media Project
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Sarah Fleishman

With over a decade of experience across digital marketing, content, creative, and PR, Sarah is a creative and dynamic thinker who loves to delight clients with unique and relatable content. Sarah graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Sociology.

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