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Big Money - December's Top Direct Digital Advertisers (Desktop)

January 22 2015 by Sam Gansline

For most of us, Q4 and December in particular, is the holy grail of digital advertising months. CPG brands are all systems go, promoting new goods at unbeatable prices. Major telecom is endorsing themselves as best value, while buying tons of ad space for their 'offer ends today' deal.   Meanwhile, the finance sector is sitting in the weeds, with a historical understanding of high consumer spending, reminding anyone with a bank account or credit card that, 'its ok to spend this month, but if you do, use our services.'

Unlike any other advertising industry, the digital space has the ability to buy and sell ad space based on endless parameters and metrics; location, age, gender, income, HHI, time of day... and the list goes on. Because of this capability, major brands spend big money to advertise to their target customer on the web, and on the page of their choosing. Right person, right place, right time, right ad, in other words.

As advertisers become more sophisticated in their buying strategy many of them choose to deal directly with publishers, negotiating at high CPM's for control of pristine ad space in pursuit of valuable readership eyes. The brands below are the top direct advertisers* (desktop only) for December.

#1 - American Express Company

Seen on an average of 538 sites per day** with 78% of all impressions purchased directly from the publisher, American Express Company is December's #1 direct advertiser. No surprise here, the top site for American Express was Amazon.com, as they heavily promoted their partnership with AmazonPrime and the Blue Cash Everyday® card.


#2 - JPMorgan Chase & Co 

With a similar position in the marketplace, JPMorgan Chase & Co purchased 75% of their total December impressions via direct publisher relationships. Promoting co-branded credit cards and high cash back value; creatives included the likes of Holiday Inn, United, and ApplePay. 

Top impression sites included yahoo.com and aol.com


JPMorgan Chase & Co was also a top 5 mobile advertiser in December.

#3 - Sprint

Leading the Telecom advertisers in December, Sprint purchased over 1,000,000,000 ads directly from publishers, a total of 66% of their buying strategy. With a total of 114 different creatives seen throughout the month, Sprint advertised most on yahoo.com and IMDB.com. December is always a big movie month with releases like The Hobbit, The Interview and Unbroken - smart move from Sprint

#4 - Discover Financial Service 

Rounding out the top 5 advertisers, Discover Financial Service followed the co-branded, cash back, free giveaway lead of its competition. 82% of all Discover impressions were purchased directly from publishers. Top sites: aol.com and amazon.com.

Notice the drop in impression share post December 25. Coincidence? I think not.


 #5 - Google 

With a host of new technology including Chromecast, Nexus and Chromebook, Google had plenty to advertise this December. Google bought just over 50% of their desktop impressions directly, spreading the love across the web on sites like yahoo.com, ebay.com and imdb.com.


For a list of the top 50 direct advertisers seen in December click here.

*Based on # of total impressions purchased.

**Based on the top 4000 sites ranked by monthly page view.

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Sam Gansline

A lover of fresh air, live music, sport & high performing teams. After the University of Colorado @ Boulder, Sam began his career improving the relationship between major digital advertisers & independent publishers. Currently Sam leads the Operations and Sales Development teams @ Pathmatics with a focus on pipeline growth, process optimization & market strategy.

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