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Brand of the Week: The Hertz Corporation

August 18 2017 by Jordan Kramer
Itching for a road trip? Car rental giant, The Hertz Corporation is hoping you are after upping digital advertising spend leading into the summer months. The company is now experiencing its highest ad spend year-to-date, focusing on getting you on the road to your next destination. The parent company of Advantage, Firefly, and Hertz Rental Car companies, in addition to Herc Industry Rentals, recently dropped MEC as their media agency and looks to be buying digital in-house for now.  
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For agencies and sellers looking to court the brand, stay focused on display. Hertz prioritized display as their top device-type for the year and the channel has consumed nearly 90% of the brand’s digital budget over the last thirty days. Download The Hertz Corporation’s entire display strategy, including spend and impression data, here and read on for more insights.

Display Spend Up, Fueled By Direct Buys

Display spend is up five times compared to 2016, totaling $270K over the last thirty days. Hertz has also put a larger focus on display advertising, once only consuming 60% of their digital budget last year, that figure has climbed 30%.
Looking at their national campaigns, the top display creatives recently are all for Hertz Car Rentals urging you to “Getaway,” “Get Out of Town,” and “Pack Your Weekend Bag.” Currently on a Summer spending spree, the brand has devoted over 90% of their display budget to direct buys. During the same timeframe last year, direct buys only accounted for a third of that, meaning the brand has zeroed in on the top site targets they want to place ads on.

Direct Site Targets

Running display creatives on an average of 22 sites per day, The Hertz Corporation spent 66% of their budget on one site alone. Hotwire, owned by Expedia, ranked as the top site for the rental parent company making Hertz the top advertiser for the site over the last thirty days. Autotrader was the second top site for the brand as part of a campaign for Hertz Car Sales, taking 18% share of spend. Following up in third was another Expedia entity, Hotels.com, accounting for 7% of site spend.
Here’s a look at the top direct sites for The Hertz Corporation over the last thirty days:



Competitor Landscape

Other car rental companies also favor direct buys, with the purchase channel dominating spend for both Avis Budget Group and Enterprise Holdings. So where are they putting their ad dollars that Hertz isn’t? Here are five sites that their competitors are advertising on, that The Hertz Corporation hasn’t touched recently.

1. Ticketmaster

Raking in the majority of Enterprise’s spend over the last thirty days, neither Avis or Hertz are competing for any share of voice for this publisher.

2. Expedia

While Hertz is targeting specific Expedia entities like Hotwire and Hotels.com, the parent site isn’t getting any love. Enterprise has devoted 11% of their display budget to the site recently. This could be a strategic move on Hertz’s part to avoid costly competition, because Avis is barely putting any dollars on Hotwire and Hotels.com, and Enterprise isn’t putting any.

3. FTW USA Today

The For the Win sports-centric site under USA Today’s umbrella, also isn’t seeing any ad dollars from Hertz. Avis has spent 14% of their budget on the site recently and isn’t seeing any competition from other car rental brands.

4. AOL

Avis is also the only brand out of the three targeting AOL.com. Buying through Media IQ & Accordant Media, Avis has devoted 4% of their budget towards the site.

5. NFL

Another site that only Avis is running creatives on, the Hertz competitor has dropped $6K on NFL.com over the last thirty days through direct buys.

See The Hertz Corporation's Full Display Advertising Strategy [Free Report] 

To see exactly how The Hertz Corporations has been spending their display budget over the last thirty days, including top sites and programmatic spend, download the latest Brand of the Week report below.

Download The Hertz Corporation's Digital Ad Strategy

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