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These Digital Ads Celebrate Women’s History Month

March 17 2021 by Sarah Fleishman

March is Women's History Month, and after a year where many brands felt called to publicly address social justice issues, voting rights, and international pandemics, we wanted to see who might join the conversation this month to show appreciation for their female colleagues, friends, and family.

Here's what we found.


Tiffany & Co.

In this campaign, launched in early March, Tiffany & Co. spent nearly $30k on display ads, all of which ran on bloomberg.com and nytimes.com. Notably, these were direct buys, but most--around 75%--of the brand's non-social ads in March so far were purchased programmatically.

The "Celebration of Women" ads all feed to a landing page where the company has featured female employees around the globe, in a series entitled Behind the Blue Box.

Wells Fargo

While Pathmatics marketing intelligence data only captured a few creatives for Wells Fargo's International Women's Day campaign, these Twitter ads collectively raked in over 3 million impressions in eight days, with only around $10,000 spent. The campaign uses attention-grabbing statistics to gain attention and prompts women to take control of their financial futures. Way go to, Wells Fargo!


Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 4.49.31 PM


Google_Creative_Twitter (1)Google_Creative_Twitter

Pathmatics Explorer found four new creatives on Twitter during the first half of March, all tied to a new campaign and landing page around "Trailblazing Women in History."

All of the ads feature the hashtag #FirstofMany, and one of the creatives includes a video that highlights women's "firsts" across music, sports, journalism, and the creation of the COVID-19 vaccine. 


Disney World

In a small campaign, the Facebook page for Disney World Passholders celebrates the "International women of Disney Springs" with this Facebook campaign and the hashtag #CelebrateHerStory. The campaign, first seen on March 11, has already garnered 2.4 million impressions in just four days. 



Spotify_Creative_AllDevices&Formats (2)

Spotify_Creative_AllDevices&Formats (1)Spotify has allocated about 50% of their digital ad budget to Instagram this month, but interestingly, Instagram was not the recipient of their two concurrent women's empowerment campaigns. Both campaigns have similar messaging, focused on urging Spotify listeners to consume more content from women creators. The imagery, however, was quite different.

On Facebook, video ads featured cartoon drawings (many depicting women of color), with a text overlay. On Twitter, images with varying slogans featured big, neon text surrounded by brightly colored stars, rainbows, and cowboy boots. 

Next year, we hope to see more brands join the conversation to celebrate women throughout the month of March. Want more insights on ads targeting women? Check out our insights dashboard and search for the brands you care about most. 

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Sarah Fleishman

With over a decade of experience across digital marketing, content, creative, and PR, Sarah is a creative and dynamic thinker who loves to delight clients with unique and relatable content. Sarah graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Sociology.

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