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November's Top Digital Advertisers 2015

December 23 2015 by Jordan Kramer


Finished your holiday shopping early? Chances are you purchased gifts during the month of November when advertisers, especially retailers, teased out Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.  With the biggest ecommerce shopping day officially on record, overall sales are up and our top advertisers report for the month of November reflects just that.  Holiday advertisers climbed up the rankings and the 'Financial Services' category reclaimed the top spot across desktop, mobile, and video.  We also detected increased usage of ad networks for video impression purchases, scaling back the percentage of direct purchases from October.

See below for the purchase channel breakdown of the top 500 desktop and video advertisers, as well as the top advertising categories and highlights.  Download all of November's top digital advertisers, including top direct advertisers, here.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Retail Advertisers Emerge As Leaders For The Month

November was the month of shopping - even though most of the action happened in the last 10 days. A number of advertisers made huge digital pushes to compete for your dollars online.  The big winners this year?  Kohl's dominated retailers on desktop, spending over $15M, and joining the top 10 desktop advertisers for the first time in 2015.  Buying 84% of U.S. desktop impressions direct, the department store targeted and as its top sites.  Canon Inc. also made an entrance on the desktop report with creatives encouraging you to capture holiday memories in the best way, with their cameras.  The electronics company ran several creatives similar to the one below on, and for 2 day stints leading up to Black Friday & Cyber Monday.


Source: Pathmatics US Desktop Data, 11/1/15-11/30/15.

Financial Services Category Back On Top 

Auto had a good run on desktop but fell to the #2 advertising category across desktop, mobile, and video.  Financial Services regained its lead across all channels with Capital One Financial Corporation and Discover Financial Services leading the way.  Capital One's top creatives were for credit cards and Spark Business services.  Discover was also highlighting credit card sign-ups, devoting 70% of unique desktop creatives released during the month to their various credit cards. While Discover released more creatives overall - 420 vs. Capital One's 310 - Capital One out-spent their competitor and claimed the larger impression share across platforms.


Source: Pathmatics US Desktop Data, 11/1/15-11/30/15.

62% Of Video Impressions Purchased Direct 

Direct video buys were down 9% from October, giving more room for ad networks usage to grow 10%. Top video advertisers, however, continue to employ direct strategies.  Top 10 ranking advertisers Sterling Jewelers (Kay, Jared, amongst others), Ford, LG and Hulu all purchased over 85% of video impressions direct. Procter & Gamble split buys between several purchase channels, using DSP Audience Science and ad networks Vidible and Google AdX + AdSense to serve impressions.  This will be an interesting trend to watch in 2016 as programmatic buying gains more favoraiblity for video.

Source: Pathmatics U.S. data, 11/1/15-11/30/15. **All trademarks & copyrights property of their respective owners.

Ebook_Cover.pngNovember's Top Advertisers

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